The Premium SA Gelati That's Better For Your Waistline

The Premium SA Gelati That’s Better For Your Waistline

Glam chatted to the owner of South Australian company Gelista gelati, Peter Cox, about how their innovative approach to gelati came about and why it has us licking our lips!


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Here at Glam we’re always searching for a way to enjoy our favourite indulgent treats in a healthier way.

With Easter being one of the most indulgent weekends of the year we decided to help our waistlines just a touch and treat ourselves to some gelati that’s ticking all the boxes.

Glam chatted to the owner of South Australian company Gelista gelati, Peter Cox, about how their innovative approach to gelati came about and why it has us licking our lips!

Peter grew up on a dairy farm. And with 4 generations before him running the same farm, you could say milk was in his blood.

Although he studied to become an accountant he couldn’t step away from the industry of his forefathers’ for long. His undeniable passion pushed him to research dairy in all its all forms and led him to ice cream; and thankfully for us, that’s where he truly fell in love.

Ice cream allowed Peter to truly express his creativity, all while using his years of knowledge of the dairy business.

Through his research Peter discovered that disappointingly many ice cream manufacturers were pumping their products with artificial colours and flavours and disguising the true quality of the milk and cream they were using.

Peter told Glam “Aussie milk is some of the highest quality in world. I wanted to respect and harness that.” He said that he wanted to produce a product that wasn’t full of hidden nastys, that he could be confident giving to his children.

And so, in 2009 Gelista was born! Peter and his team have created a range that has no artificial colours or flavouring and manages to highlight the quality of our Australian dairy.

He has taken into account the growing consumer desire for dairy free products, and so ensured that all of his fruit based flavours are vegan friendly too. We recommend the mango and macadamia. Yum.

In addition to this all of the Gelista gelati range (except Cookies and Cream and Rocher) is gluten free, so that everyone can enjoy Gelista, without having to worry about special dietary requirements.

Now to the part that all you health conscious folks want to hear: Gelista is the lowest fat milk based gelato product on the market with only 4.2% fat. There is no ice cream product with a percentage that low. Peter educated us a little further and told us “For many premium ice creams you’re looking at around 16% fat.” That’s FOUR times the fat of Gelista! Gelista’s fruit based products are almost fat free too, they only contain the natural fat found in the fruit (yes, FYI fruit does have natural fat.)

Now we know what you’re thinking: if the fat is low the sugar percentage must be super high right? In this case the answer is no. Gelista only has the same amount of sugar as most popular cereals. Score. Move aside fruit-loops we’re having gelati for breakfast!

Kidding, kidding. Look, we’re not saying we’ve found the next big weight loss solution; gelati will always be a treat product. However what we love about Gelista is that it’s a great alternative to some of the high fat, high sugar, highly artificial products that so often fill our shelves.

So why haven’t you heard of Gelista before? Well it’s only recently that Gelista have begun advertising their products commercially. But as they are the major chef’s choice in so many of Adelaide’s premium restaurants, you may have tasted their delicious gelati before.

Peter tells us in the future he hopes to bring Gelista to the international market to truly demonstrate to the world the quality of South Australian ice cream.

Gelista will be at the top of our pleasures this Easter weekend, in chocolate flavor of course! It’s the law right?


You can grab some for yourself at their warehouse in Riddleyton or order online!


Find out more about Gelista:

Gelista’s website.

Gelista on Facebook.

Instagram and twitter @gelistagelati



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