The Presets Talk To Glam Adelaide About Putting The Dance Back In Dance


It has been four years since one of Australia’s favourite party duos, The Presets, have struck fear into those little red plastic cups that people use for beer pong. This means it has been four years since we’ve had a Presets party! Lucky for us however, the genius minds behind the hugely successful Hot Dub Wine Machine tour are bringing the lads back, along with lots of other great acts including Bad//Dreems and Linda Marigliano. So, if you have ever wanted to see The Presets play at a winery, get ready to tick that off your list.

“I always thought they were for Leonard Cohen and those kinds of bands?”

This was vocalist Julian Hamilton’s first thought when I asked him his thoughts on turning the picturesque setting of Serafino Wines into an outdoor club for the upcoming tour. “We’re really looking forward to it, maybe it will be people as old as us with blankets and stuff.”

Age aside (Hamilton is only 41), The Presets are gearing up to release some much-anticipated new music in the form of an as-yet-untitled record that Wine Machine audiences will be the very first to hear. When describing the vibe of the new music Hamilton claims, “It’s definitely trying to channel the party, I think we are at that stage where we just wanna settle down and make some good old-fashioned party music, getting back to our roots, a bit wild and berserk.” The frontman goes on to speak about how the recording process was a little more inclusive this time around, with himself and bandmate Kim Moyes writing in the same room as opposed to sending each other ideas electronically. “Even lyrically in songs Kim has helped a lot this time around where normally I would write most of the lyrics, and it’s been really fun so I think it will be the best record we’ve ever made.”

The electronic dance scene in Australia has changed a lot since The Presets first made their mark in 2005 with their debut record Beams. We have seen an explosion of the “bedroom producer,” with acts like Flume and Japanese Wallpaper changing the landscape, using atmospherics to make electronic music for the home as well as for the club. Hamilton discusses how The Presets are hoping to go a little more “old school” with their new music by making people want to just go out and dance again. “We listen to the music of the day and that informs us of what we don’t want to do, not to be disrespectful as there is a lot of incredible music around, but what we’re not hearing a lot of these days is really fun, slamming, electronic club music on the radio.”

Our discussion ends where it began with the upcoming shows and the rise of the boutique music festival, like Wine Machine, in Australia. The Presets are no strangers to the festival circuit, experiencing both the small and large versions. Hamilton mentions how the type of punter that attends festivals has changed “I think people prefer smaller festivals, they like their nice hamburger options and things that look better on Instagram, maybe people don’t want a Big Day Out anymore and that’s why we don’t have it.” As far as The Presets are concerned, size of the crowd is irrelevant, “We’re just happy to play, we’ll play to a hundred people in Columbia and it will be awesome and then we’ll play to thirty-thousand people in a cricket ground and as long as the crowd is into it and the vibe is right then I don’t really have a preference.”

So, on December 9th head along to Serafino Wines and make The Presets happy by dancing your ass off which in turn will likely make you very happy as well.



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