‘The Price’ a Play by Arthur Miller

The State Theatre Company of SA is prThe Price Playoud to announce the screening of The Price, a play by Arthur Miller.

Since it premiered on Broadway in 1968, The Price has become one of prolific American playwright Arthur Miller’s most successful plays.

“It’s a play about money, and so inevitably it’s a play about illusion, denial and betrayal. Set in New York in the 1960s but showing the very long-term effects of the Stock Market Crash on the private lives of two brothers, it’s a moral fencing match about the choices we make in a world that runs on greed and competition,” Director Adam Cook said.

The Price will be playing between the 23 April and 16 May 2010 at the Dunstan Playhouse.

Check out The State Theatre Company of SA’s website for screening times and ticketing information.

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