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The Princess Bride in Concert announced for 2024 Adelaide Guitar Festival

Adelaide Festival Centre has announced two exceptional highlights for the upcoming Adelaide Guitar Festival 2024: “The Princess Bride in Concert” and Paco Peña’s “Requiem for the Earth.”

Adelaide Festival Centre has announced the highly anticipated lineup for this year’s Adelaide Guitar Festival, featuring two exceptional shows set to captivate audiences. The Festival Centre revealed that “The Princess Bride in Concert” and flamenco virtuoso Paco Peña’s “Requiem for the Earth” will be among the highlights of the festival, with tickets set to go on sale from Monday, 8th April.

“The Princess Bride in Concert” will grace the stage of the Festival Theatre on Saturday, 28th, and Sunday, 29th September 2024. Accompanied by a full orchestra, with renowned guitarist Slava Grigoryan, the concert promises a unique experience, with the film screened live while the orchestra performs the adapted score composed by guitar legend Mark Knopfler. This adaptation aims to bring the cult classic film to life in an unprecedented manner, offering both existing fans and newcomers an unforgettable experience.

Featuring an all-star cast including Robin Wright, Cary Elwes, and Billy Crystal, “The Princess Bride” has enthralled audiences for over 35 years with its blend of adventure, romance, and comedy. The live-to-film performance, set within the grandeur of the Festival Theatre, promises to be an enchanting evening for all attendees. The Honourable Andrea Michaels MP, Minister for Arts, expressed her excitement, stating, “The Princess Bride is an iconic film, and it is fantastic to have The Princess Bride In Concert here in Adelaide.”

Meanwhile, flamenco maestro Paco Peña will grace Her Majesty’s Theatre with his monumental musical odyssey, “Requiem for the Earth,” on Thursday, 12th September. A fusion of traditional requiem elements with the vibrant energy of flamenco, the performance aims to celebrate the planet while also warning of its peril. Peña, hailed as one of the most revered names in flamenco guitar, promises to deliver a mesmerizing performance, reflecting on humanity’s impact on nature through his art.

The large-scale musical work will feature world-class musicians from Spain alongside Adelaide’s Rising Voices and Young Adelaide Voices choirs, promising an unmatched auditory experience. Paco Peña’s return to Adelaide after 13 years is eagerly anticipated by fans and festival organizers alike. Slava Grigoryan, Artistic Director of the Adelaide Guitar Festival, expressed his delight, saying, “Flamenco guitar performance is a pivotal part of the festival, and you won’t find a better master of the instrument than Paco Peña.”

“Requiem for the Earth,” first performed in 2004 and again in 2021, has garnered exceptional reviews, with its message resonating even more strongly today. The festival’s Artistic Director & CEO, Douglas Gautier, emphasized the diversity of offerings, catering to fans of all ages and genres within the guitar spectrum. He noted that both “The Princess Bride in Concert” and Paco Peña’s performance will undoubtedly be highlights of this year’s festival.

Tickets for both shows will be available for purchase from Monday, 8th April at or by calling 131 246. These performances are just a glimpse of the exciting program planned for the 2024 Adelaide Guitar Festival, promising a celebration of musical talent and diversity from 12th to 29th September 2024.

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