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The Quick Scoop: Adelaide’s Newest Venues That You Need To Know About

Get out that list and put all of these venues on it…

Mad March may be coming to a close but there’s heaps coming up in Adelaide that we can’t wait for. These wicked venues are all in the works here there and everywhere across the city and ‘burbs. Whether you’re after a new place to shake your booty, a creative space, a feed or a cup of java (cough* or something stronger cough*) these are the ones to watch out for!

55ml– Mill St, Adelaide Where old school hospitality meets travel meets the beautiful simplicity of a good pub. Seira and Seamus are passionate about bringing that ‘get to know someone from a different walk of life’ feeling that’s so common whilst travelling, to a bustling inner city small pub. We picture something similar to a multicultural Cheers, but that’s probably not what they’re going for. Read all here.

Lost In A Forest– 1203 Greenhill Road, Uraidla Um this one couldn’t get cooler if it tried! Be prepared for a super shabby-chic and teeny tiny venue. The team from Basket Range wines are coming together with the brilliance of Julie and Ed Peter (who’re totally revamping the Uraidla Hotel) Charles Lawrence and chef Nick Filsell (Red Ochre, Jamie’s Italian), so you just know it’s gonna be great. It’s going to be a little renovated church, in a forest… of course. Serving up wines and wood-oven pizza deliciousness with ingredients sourced from the very forest you’re sitting in. So cute.

Whistle and Flute– 136 Greenhill Road, Unley From the man that brought us Coffee Branch, which featured in our Inner City Coffee Spots Guide, he also had his hand in one of the original small bar game changers – Clever Little Tailor. So it’s no surprise we’re excited for his latest venture, Whistle and Flute. It will bring food, drink and undoubtedly killer coffee to this otherwise deserted part of Greenhill Road. Office workers rejoice, we’ve found your new local.

The Propaganda Club– Regent Arcade, 110 Grenfell St, Adelaide Believe the propaganda. Well, there isn’t much as this has all been kept super hush hush. BUT what we can tell you is this: Adelaide’s new late night supper club is being brought to us by hospo gurus who have already stolen our hearts with other Adelaide venues. It looks super swanky and its setting of Regent Arcade can only mean a regal venue is about to unfold.

Slo Moes– Rundle Place, Adelaide Oh god, all you have to do is look at their Facebook page before you start drooling. Low and slow cooked meat in divine burger style, all whipped up for you super quick on your lunch (or shopping) break.

BRKLYN– 260a Rundle Street, Adelaide We got the hot scoop on this place when it was a mere shell and we’re positively tingling with excitement about the train rolling in to this station. A small bar quite literally like no other in SA, where you walk down a Brooklyn street and enter different shopfronts along the way. Read more about this Rundle Street gem here.

Warehouse Five- Again the word on this one is super quiet. But we’ve listened to the whispers. This is set to be a multifunctional arts space out West. Bringing us all kinds of live music, visual and performing arts from the up and comers to the fully established. Watch this space, we can’t wait to tell you more.

Mary’s Poppin– Synagogue Place, Adelaide Yasssss honey. We’ve covered this show-stopper a few times already, but seriously we’re pumped. Adelaide’s newest gay bar is ready to take the scene by storm with great performers, grand pianos and a designated “Selfie Spot” with expertly calibrated light boxes. Glitz, glamour and grandeur will be awash here. Read more in our story.

Wurst and Stein– 12 Grenfell St, Adelaide Think Oktoberfest meets the new world. This lederhosen-free zone will feature railway steel chairs that are custom made, against booths and long tables. Feeling the beer-hall vibe there will of course be steins, but filled with SA craft beer instead. Although it’s about the beer here you should also wrap your lips around the ribs and burgers. They’re passionate about keeping it simple and sometimes that’s just what we’re after.

Lucky Duck Saloon – 111 King William Street, Adelaide When all the news you’ve been told about a place is ‘Leave your horse and your gun at the door’ we’re sure we’re in for something different… well maybe not if you’re from country SA. But for Adelaide CBD’s newest saloon style bar and restaurant we think we’re in for a treat. Start practising your yeeeeehawww’s, polish up those cow-hide boots and strap in for the ride.

Godi La Vita– 162b King William Road, Hyde Park Mama Mia! This simply gorgeous new Italian restaurant is going to blow you away. After just one chat with the staff, it’s clear that passion and authenticity is going to ooze out of this venue like melted mozzarella. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, cake, coffee is all available, but knowing that Italian hospitality, you may be invited to stay for all of the above! FYI this little gem is open as of this week!

The Front Page Cafe– 531 Marion Road, Plympton Located in an old newsagent (hence the cute new name) this spot will bring us wood oven pizza, healthy lunch options and of course coffee! They’ve kept things quiet but their sneak peeks of the interior look gorgeous. We can’t wait to swing by this one.

Follow these venues on their websites and social media platforms to keep up to date with the latest and to find out when some of them will officially be swinging open their doors!

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