The Quirkiest, Most Unique Getaways In South Australia

Check out some of the most incredible and unique places to catch a night or two of shut-eye in South Australia.

We all know that SA is pretty much the most amazing state in Australia (we’d say the world, but we’re a bit biased). But, turns out we also have some of the most epic and unique accommodation options – from cubes that float on the Murray to treehouses in the Adelaide Hills.

Check out some of the most incredible, quirky, and unique places to catch a night or two of shut-eye in South Australia.

Rawnsley Park Station 

Rawnsley Park Station promises a luxurious escape where you can “relax in eco style” under the stars. The station overlooks the southern side of Wilpena Pound in the heart of the Flinders Ranges. They provide experiences by air, foot and 4WD. You can take scenic flights, go mountain biking or enjoy the stars with some Shiraz. They offer luxury villas, homesteads, units and a caravan park.

The Enchanted Treehouse

Have you ever wished to live your childhood fairy fantasies, then The Enchanted Treehouse at Bridgewater is as close as you could get. The Treehouse has one bedroom and one bathroom, it is a perfect place nestled high in a “big beautiful fragrant eucalyptus tree” for two guests to escape to.

Camel Beach House 

This boutique coastal getaway claims to be on the ‘wild west’ Eyre Penninsula. The Camel Beach House’s architecture takes inspiration from the simple designs of the classic west coast fisherman’s caravan or shacks. When staying here you will be in the thick of the “pristine coastal wilderness” which spans across the 250-acre oceanfront. If you wish to indulge your inner wild cowboy, then the Camel Beach House is your go, they promise that the Southern Ocean will be your “luxe panoramic movie screen.” The Southern Ocean is rich with life, including Sea Eagles, Ospreys and migrating birds, whales and Dolphin pods. By pre-dawn desert light, you can enjoy wines and local seafood while the stars come out to play.

The Fire Station Inn

Located in both North Adelaide and Coastal South Australia, The Fire Station Inn is undoubtedly a unique place to stay. The Inn, built in 1866, is part of the North Adelaide Heritage Group and converted to a fire station in 1904. The Inn can be booked as individual suites with their own ensuite spa bathrooms or as one entire townhouse with four bedrooms and three spa bathrooms.

Thorngrove Manor Hotel

For those wanting to satisfy that queen in them, then the Thorngrove Manor Hotel is a definite yes! The Manor features towers, turrets, winding staircases, baroque design and antiques, taking you to another place and time. The Manor has 5 rooms(including a QueensChamber and Kings Chamber), 2 restaurants and 4 floors. The manor ingeniously weaves in contemporary facilities without destroying the “romantic wonderland.” Situated 20 minutes away from Adelaide’s CBD, the Manor gives you the luxury to switch between an idyllic old and the now. The hotel also offers day trips to Kangaroo Island, the Barossa Valley and the Clare Valley.

The Desert Cave Hotel

The Desert Cave Hotel located in Coober Pedy promises a “dug-out style living”  where visitors can stay either underground or above ground.Their underground rooms have high ceilings, making your stay quiet, cool, dark but airy.Visitors at the Desert Cave Hotel say that the underground experiences provide them with the best sleep they have ever had. Shops, bars and opal displays are even underground. The hotel also offers a range of specialised tours so that visitors can keep experiencingCoober Pedy’s “rugged ansd beatiful outback” and underground.

The Arches of Allendale 

The Arches of Allendale is a cubic artists dream, full of architectural shapes and Piet Mondrian inspired art. The building was once a church built in 1866, which now offers a “modern, unique, boutique and cosy self-catering accommodation.” The Arches are situated near Mount Gambier and Port MacDonnell in the Limestone Coast of South Australia. The Arches of Allendale features high ceilings, a mezzanine level and can sleep up to 7. Transport yourself to both the 21st century with the modern architecture and to a time in the past with the Gothic archways.


Off-grid living becomes a reality with CABN. Situated in the Adelaide Hills, on 180 acres of natural scrubland, the Scandinavian styled tiny houses provide visitors with a slower paced escape. The nomad adventurer in you will be grateful for this experience.

The Cube 

The cube is a floating pod on the Murray River, designed to be a stylish getaway where you can relax, unwind and float. The Cube features a large sundeck, designed for you to sit and watch boats pass during the warmer months. There is also a firepit which keeps you warm and cosy during the cooler months. The cube even provides a 2 man kayak and life jackets so visitors can go on romantic kayak rides down the Murray, a close equivalent to gondola rides in Venice.

The Sky House 

If you have ever dreamt of a Spanish style escape but in South Australia, we have you covered. The Sky House has a serious Spanish villa vibes, the villa is located in Middle River and accommodates 2 guests. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the picturesque coastline as the villa is thoughtfully built on the highest point of the location. The villa features a combustion fireplace, a “huge” Villeroy & Boch bathtub and internal floor heating, making it for the perfect romantic escape.


From Wilpena Pound to Kangaroo Island sleeping out under the stars is amazing. Some of us, however, don’t love the idea of roughing it. Luckily for us, there are quite a few sensational glamping options within reach. From local Adelaide glamping experiences to outback adventures, you can now enjoy the best of our state while tucking up at night in high thread count linen.


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