The Reading Room Invites You In…

book piles croppedThe Reading Room is a lounge, library, cinema and gallery at 153 Hindley Street Adelaide. Like a loungeroom in the city, the reading room is a place to relax, meet people, read a book (your own or ours) and check out some local art. There are film screenings and other events as advertised on the reading room
The Reading Room is a project of Renew Adelaide, a new project which brings together vacant city premises, with projects designed to revitalise the city. Renew Adelaide is run by the non-profit, artist run Format Collective Inc. It follows on from the successful Renew Newcastle initiative and aims to improve Adelaide’s status as a cultural hub, engage with communities, support urban renewal and enhance creative industries. Renew Adelaide is supported by the Kambitis Group, Adelaide West End Association and Adelaide City Council, along with a large amount of invaluable community support.
And you are invited to the opening of two new exhibitions!
Meg Cowell – Have Love, Will Travel
South-Australian emerging artist Meg Cowell begins her premiere voyage into the miniature with this collection of mini mount photographs. Featuring images captured during recent travels overseas the series takes the viewer from Berlin to Bangkok and back again. These however are not the clichéd ‘power shots’ associated with travel photography, but a more abstracted view. Come along and follow Meg through Europe, Asia and the lens.
Racquel Austin-Abdullah – The Sun Always Shines in Brompton
“The Sun always Shines in Brompton” are two short moving images which explore the visual languageof ephemeral sculpture/installation… a visual language of memory …a child memory of aboriginality and identidy.
“I am travelling in a hot holden Monaro, watching ephemeral hazy dream-like moving images of landscape.. feeling a deep hum of cultural language, belonging, existing and knowing.” (Wilcannia, NSW, 1983)
A young girl is standing in a white tutu, with the late afternoon sun streaming behind her through the window. A shadow is cast over her eyes…a suggestion that nobody really knows what I am except their conceptions of skin, features and whiteness….and the orb rays of sunlight capture her cultural integrity … unaware…unaware of how she capturing the ephemeral movement of light…of transforming the moving image of memory, into a visual language of new perspective.
The Reading Room is open Tuesday – Saturday from 2:30 to 7pm at 153 Hindley Street, Adelaide.
See you there!

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