The Real Life Version Of Where's Wally Has Officially Hit Adelaide

The Real Life Version Of Where’s Wally Has Officially Hit Adelaide

It’s like your favourite childhood book come to life! How many Waldos can you find around Adelaide?


STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! We have a new mission for you. Find Wally (or Waldo). Literally. Adelaide is on a real-life hunt for old Wally. It’s a street-art craze inspired by the “Find a Furby” and “Invader” stickers that previously popped up around our city.

This time though, we’ve got clues on where they are. The mysterious website behind the new craze says the Waldos are in the places they are for a reason, maybe a nice view or a great coffee shop. It sounds like a fantastic way to explore our beautiful city and maybe venture to an area you haven’t been before.

Here are the clues to get you started:

1. Take a stroll down Jetty Road, on the left going towards the beach
2. Get to the beach walkway, head left

West Beach
1. Public toilets
2. More public toilets

1. Cibo
2. Jetty
3. Walkway to the beach

1. Jetty x2

1. Plant 4
2. Jarmers

King William Road
1. Start at Plato’s Kitchen, stay on the left, walk towards the city

Victoria Avenue
1. Left, as if you were going into the city

320 Goodwood Road
1. Suss out the op shop car park

Stop 4 Forrestville
1. Dear Daisy
2. Cherry Darlings Bake House

Goodwood Road
1. Grab a coffee and sit outside at Gingers

Halifax Street
1. Between Panacea and Etica
2. Coffylosophy, round the corner, still on Halifax st

Rundle Street
1. Look towards the garden (of unearthly delights)
2. Bent Street

Adelaide Uni
1. Northern Entrance x2 on Victoria Drive

North Adelaide
1. Cibo

We know what we’re doing this weekend! So grab your kids, family, friends, parents, the guy next door who vacuums his stones, everyone, and start searchin’! Make sure to tag us and @findwaldoadelaide on Instagram and hashtag #WheresWally, #WheresWaldo and #FoundWally to let everyone know you found him.

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