The Restaurant Serving Up Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef With Gold Leaf

Well you’ve probably not had beef like this in Adelaide before.


Well you’ve probably not had beef like this in Adelaide before.

Hibiki Yakiniku recently opened on Gouger Street, with owner Tong Guo wanting to bring authentic Japanese barbecue to Adelaide.

Their specialty? Beef. And not just any beef.

Japanese A5 wagyu is the creme-de-la-creme of steak. Imported directly from Japan, it comes from specially bred pure-blood wagyu cattle.

Every bit of the beef even comes with a certificate which tracks the cow’s bloodline, and tells you about their parents and grandparents and where they were raised.

“We’re the purveyors of the finest beef. ‘Hibiki’ means ‘resonate’ in Japanese, and we want to resonate with our customers who appreciate good beef,” said Tong.

“If they appreciate premium beef, they need to come here.”

All meat is sliced fresh to order, which means it comes out fresh and vibrant with colour.

And it doesn’t come cheap, starting at $75 a serve for the A5 wagyu. But if you appreciate good beef, it’s money worth spending.

Served up with gold leaf (because why not?), the pieces of beef with their beautiful fat marbling only need a few turns on the barbecue at the centre of the table.

The result? A morsel that utterly melts in your mouth, the rich flavour lingering on your tongue long after the beef has disappeared.

The menu isn’t all about beef – the mixed sashimi is particularly delicious, with the slivers of tuna, salmon and kingfish served on crushed ice to preserve the freshness.

Or for a bit more of that beef, the wagyu truffle nigiri is an even richer treat, with fresh shaved truffle on top.

The drinks menu also offers up plenty of Japanese fare, with sake, umeshu and even some rare Japanese whiskies, plus there are wines predominantly from South Australia.

Hibiki Yakiniku is at 113 Gouger St, Adelaide. Open for dinner from 5.30pm until late, seven days.

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