The Room extends it Adelaide season at the Palace Nova

200px-TheRoomMovieWritten, directed and starring Tommy Wiseau, THE ROOM (M) is like no other film you’ve seen. “Unforgettable! Contender for the “worst movie ever made.” See it at a late night screening where you can hoot with derision among a like-minded crowd.” Filmcritic

 “What makes viewing The Room attractive is the chance for audiences to gleefully ignore cinema etiquette while attending the late-night screenings. Patrons are encouraged to make witty interjections, heckle, holler and  hurl projectiles (plastic spoons) at the screen. It’s the good-natured, interactive viewing experience that ensures, quite miraculously, that this deliriously incompetent piece of film-making winds up providing five-star entertainment.”

Adelaide audiences just can’t get enough of THE ROOM:  “I’ve seen it twice, any chance of more late night movies?”;  “As for the film, it really is terrible, but I’m gathering up my own crowd, and I’ll be back next Saturday, spoons in hand!”;  “Complete madness, love the bar in the cinema”.

THE ROOM sank without trace after its 2003 release, but curious people tracked it down after noticing the LA billboard Tommy had booked.  Now people holler the dialogue at late-night screenings and clap raucously during the bow-chicka-wow-wow sex scenes. 

Faced with crowds laughing at his masterpiece, a lesser man might have lost faith, but Wiseau has happily re-badged THE ROOM as a ‘black comedy’.  THE ROOM has garnered a massive cult following, selling out sessions across the US and Australia, leaving audiences stunned and wondering “how can so bad, be so good?” 

Roomie packs available at the screenings – spoons and viewer guides (essential)! 

Described as “The Citizen Kane of Bad Movies” this late night cult phenomenon returns for even more mayhem!  Exclusively at Palace Nova Eastend, Saturday nights at 10.30pm from June 12.  

Tickets now on sale at the box office and online
 Official Trailer:
The Room: Exclusive Interview with Tommy Wiseau! 

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