The SA Created (And Super Cheap) Summer Health Bundle Your Body Needs

New Year, New You; The Summer Health Plan Your Body Needs

We’re choosing this opportunity to get ourselves feeling fresh and fit with one of our favourite Glam health guru’s Kasey Willson.


It’s 2016 ladies and gents and we’re still rolling on that ‘New Year, New Me’ feeling… not that we weren’t equally as fabulous in 2015! But still we’re enjoying the positivity that comes in abundance in January.

We’re choosing this opportunity to get ourselves feeling fresh and fit with one of our favourite Glam health gurus, Kasey Willson. Aside from being a Naturopath and a Nutritionist, Kasey also happens to be an all round gem. Her bubbly and positive demeanor is infectious and it’s one of the many things that drew the Glam team to her in the first place.

We gave you a rundown of her brilliant Vibrant Woman Challenge (an all over health and lifestyle rejuvenation program) late last year. You can read more about VWC and Kasey here but if, like us, you’d prefer to ease your way into your health and wellness she’s just released a perfect (and super affordable) bundle that we’re in love with!

We first tried Kasey’s 21 Day Summer Detox Diet last year and fell in love with this easy to follow recipe book packed with things that were not only easy to make but also great tasting (the Quinoa Lime Stir Fry was a fave in the office, as were the muffins!)

Now don’t get put off by the term detox, there won’t be 3 days of just lemon water here. In fact, you’re looking at five scrumptious meals a day! No starvation, excellent. We’ll admit there were a few (super green) recipes that took a little getting used to… Especially after the indulgent lifestyle we’ve been known to lead. But now we couldn’t rave about these recipes more, and neither can our waistlines. Glam’s own Hannah lost 6kg and felt fab on the 21 Day Summer Detox. And it was all pretty effortless. Boom.

Now Kasey Willson has paired with another Adelaide superstar, Belinda Mackey whose guide to eating your way to healthier skin is honestly brilliant; particularly during these hot Summer months which are often spent at the beach, with a definite lack of makeup and more skin on show. What more motivation do you need for good skin? Well… other than the fact that it’s our body’s largest organ and we should probably try to treat it nicely.

But that’s not all you get! During silly season we’re often eating out, whether it be at wonderful new restaurants or with friends and family at home. It can be tricky to stick to your guns and be healthy when your environment isn’t. And so, like the gem she is, Kasey developed the ‘Healthy Habits For Dining Out’ eBook too. The title says it all really. That’s in this bundle.

Then, just to round it all off nicely and as a friendly reminder that health isn’t just for the Summer, she’s thrown in her Winter Warmers recipe book too! Because there’s no need to throw all your Summer efforts out of the window just because it’s too cold to eat salad.

Ok ok, to the deciding point… what’s the price tag? Ordinarily the 21 Day Summer Detox is $27 and so is the 10 Day Skin Revival. The Winter Warmers is $10 too, but for a limited time they’re all coming together for a steal at $37! (As opposed to $64!) We’re in. You should definitely also be in.

So what are you waiting for? You can eat your way to gorgeous skin in just ten days, and revitalise your whole body’s health in just 21! We’re not saying you’ll wake up like Miranda Kerr (we’re not saying you won’t either) but we’ve found this bundle to be a great, simple, kick start to feeling good. Whoever would’ve thought eating could make you look and feel great?! Cheers to that (we’re cheers-ing our green juices of course)!

If you’d like to grab this great pack for yourself all you’ve got to do is click here.

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