We've Found The Secret To Healthy Glowing Skin

We’ve Found The Secret To Healthy Glowing Skin

Do you find that your skin is needing a little bit of extra lovin lately? Cosmeceuticals is the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and we know just where to find them to keep your skin lookin fresh!


All of us aspire to have that glowing Hollywood complexion, and if you’re like us you feel cheated when you take all the right steps; have the proper amount of H2O, take your makeup off properly every night, wash your makeup brushes and ensure that you give your face enough TLC. But still you just get those breakouts and that dull look that leaves you in a bit of a slump. You aren’t alone.

We can totally relate to getting caught up in the latest beauty brand and the best skin hacks. Skincare can be expensive too and it’s often that push and pull of is it worth it? With the number of quick fixes and fads on the market, it’s easy to get sucked into wasting money on multiple products that do nothing for our skin. But having spoken to SILK Laser Clinics we understand a little better what really works, and the secret seems to be in serums!

We’ve discovered Cosmeceuticals, and have been buzzing about them ever since due to the results they yield. Now, this stuff is different to skincare that you usually purchase from the supermarket or department store and SILK Laser Clinics has a trio of serums and other wonderful active skincare that we think you should get your hot little hands on. The best part? RESULTS, as well as not breaking the bank, it’s as easy as A, B, C.

Cosmeceuticals have active ingredients in them and their formulas have been guided by science and medicine, which means these products with are far more effective and results-driven. Think of them like taking a daily vitamin, but for your skin. They penetrate the skin differently to your regular over the counter stuff, and often results are quick!

Now, everyone reacts differently to different skincare just like we do with medicines! If you aren’t achieving your skin goals and are interested in adding a serum to your skincare routine visit the team at SILK and seek advice on the best action plan for your skin. Have a chat with one of SILK’s friendly staff members, they know their stuff, they converted us in no time and our skin is thanking us. They even offer FREE skin analysis and consultations so the advice they give is completely customised.

SILK’s skincare and A, B and C Serums are high-end cosmeceuticals packed full of active ingredients and highly concentrated formulas. The molecules of a serum are also much finer than a cream, meaning they allow the skin to absorb all their good stuff quickly and penetrate deeply into layers of skin below the surface.

Check out SILK Laser Clinics and get the skin of your dreams, you’ll become obsessed like us and never look back. You’re welcome.

Hello, glowing skin!


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