The Secret To Turning Your Rings From Drab To Fab

The Secret To Turning Your Rings From Drab To Fab

Remodelling or resetting your rings can make the world of difference.


Did your boyfriend surprise you with a ring for Valentine’s Day, yet the biggest surprise was that it wasn’t really your style at all? Or maybe your style has changed over the years and you’re stuck wishing you had an entirely different ring. Whatever the reason, new or old, you can actually revamp the ring you have and turn it into your dream ring by remodelling or resetting it. We’ve turned to the experts at DDS Diamond Design Studios for all the ins and out of the process, how long it takes and why you should consider it.

What Remodelling A Ring Involves

The process is really quite simple. DDS look at the stones you have, determine what type of stones they are and then sort out what you would like to use and what is actually worth using. Then, they look at the gold you have and see if it is usable as is or whether it need to be refined.

Next is the design – and Richard at DDS made an interesting point that not many jewellers are actually that great at drawing. The jeweller needs to be able to draw your design in front of you, so you can both brainstorm ideas and hone in on what you really like and what can be made from the materials you have. This should be a fun, exploratory experience and a good designer should be able to nail a design that you like in a short period of time.

The designing the whole piece should take maybe one hour at most. DDS Diamonds require roughly one month to six weeks for the manufacturing of the piece, depending on the complexity of the design. That’s a maximum of six weeks for the perfect piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime.

What Jewellery Can Be Remodelled

Any ring can be remodelled, it just depends on what is reusable and worth using. If stones are of very poor quality, it may not be advisable to unset them and try to reset them in something new. Also, some poor quality golds cannot be reused, so it may be better to leave the piece as is.

If the materials you have are of a good quality and usable, then any ring can be remodelled to fit your desires.

How Much It Costs To Have Your Ring Remodelled

The costs of remodelling are mainly in the dismantling of the unwanted jewellery, the melting down of the gold, making the new piece of jewellery by hand, and the resetting of the stones to be used.

The price depends totally on the complexity of the design, the number of stones and the time needed to complete the manufacturing of the design.

The Difference Between Remodelling and Resetting

Remodelling and resetting are completely different processes. Basically, resetting means reusing a main centre stone and redesigning or resetting this stone into something new but similar to the original design. Remodelling, on the other hand, is to take a collection of old jewellery and work out what can be used, then design and create a totally new piece of jewellery. It’s literally using the customer’s raw materials, to create a completely unique piece of jewellery the customer will love.

If that didn’t convince you to remodel your least favourite piece of jewellery into something you love, head to for more information and appointments.

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