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The Secret Weapon To Pulling Off A Crash-Hot Event

We all want our event to look and feel gorgeous as well as be memorable for all the right reasons… here’s how to pull that off.

The hardest part of planning an event is the decor amirite?!

We all want our event to look and feel gorgeous as well as be memorable for all the right reasons. Ok c’mon we also secretly want our friends to be slightly envious. And quite frankly the pressure can sometimes build up just to pull off a darn good looking event… you’ve got to find everything, make sure it all matches, hope it arrives on time if you’re ordering from interstate or overseas, pray to God that it’s what the picture looks like and find ways to keep the budget under control.

Luckily, Venue Productions has you covered. From ceiling draping to DJ lighting, they’ve got just about everything you need to make your event one for the ages.

Venue Productions will also set it all up for you. Whether you want an extravagant chandelier in a barn or to make the ceiling look like Monet’s Garden, they’ll work with you to achieve your vision and will only say no if it’s not humanly possible.

When meeting the Venue Productions Bring to discuss your dream it’s handy to bring along a moodboard or Pinterest board to help them visualise your idea – sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Whether your theme is rustic, modern, classic, something else entirely, or you simply don’t know, they will sit down and work with you to help find ways you can create a unique and stunning set up.

They’ll tell you what you can and can’t do logistically in the venue of your choice. They’ll also give you a personalised set of options, and will even draw up a floor plan for your event so you know exactly what will be where. This is particularly awesome for all those control freaks out there (including us).

Throughout the entire event planning stage, Venue Productions will be there to hold your hand, they’ll walk you through everything as they go and, for those of us who suck at making decisions, you’ll be able to change your mind all the way until two weeks before the event. Ah, peace of mind, we can hear you now.

Starting in 2009, the current Managing Director has been with the team since 2010, working his way up the ranks until taking over the business in 2016, so you can be reassured that the team you’re speaking to know the ins and outs of the business. We worry when people are just standing on a chair to change a lightbulb, luckily all of their staff are trained in high risk courses, so they’re able to work at huge heights to give you that beautiful draping or lighting display your heart desires without having to worry that someone will get hurt.

If you are looking for dance floors, audio/video options and DJs to include in your space, ask them. They have people who they can put you in contact with who they trust, but can also handle it for you if you don’t have the time to keep in contact with even more people. Capable of working in the smallest hotels in Adelaide to weddings at the Entertainment Centre, and with options to suit smallest budgets to events with 400-500 guests, you’ll see that their work speaks for itself.

Phone: (08) 8382 4112

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