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The Secrets Of Santa Claus

Budding Glam Adelaide Journalists Baxter (6) & Mary (4) were lucky enough to sit down with Santa Claus at Westfield Shopping town this week and discover that he loves beer, and doesn’t like budgie smugglers.


Budding Glam Adelaide journalists Baxter (6) & Mary (4) were lucky enough to sit down with Santa Claus at Westfield West Lakes this week and discover that he loves beer, and doesn’t like budgie smugglers.

What’s your favourite Christmas Decoration?

Do you know the great big Wishing Tree in Victoria Square? My favourite decorations are the tags on that tree which mean that little children who don’t normally get presents, get one.

What do reindeers do for the rest of the year?

They have a big paddock at the North Pole, and they spend a lot of their time eating and getting fat.  They also recover from a busy Christmas, and make sure they get nice and fit for next year.

What do your reindeers eat?

They really like the moss that grows near the snow.  They also love carrots! So I always tell boys and girls to make sure they leave carrots out for my reindeer.

Do you like South Australian beer?

Oh yes I love Coopers and Vale Ale beer.  I don’t drink when I’m driving the sleigh though.  One year I had a beer and I accidentally turned the sleigh upside down – and all the presents fell out!

What’s your favourite food?

Haighs Chocolates and Chocolate biscuits! I ask boys and girls to leave me some chocolate biscuits because I just love them! That’s how I get so fat.

How many elves work at the North Pole?

The last time I counted there were 222 elves working at the North Pole.  Some of them work really hard, but some of them are very mischievous.

Is there a naughty elf?

Not one naughty elf – there are a few naughty elves! They hide all the presents and tease the other elves so I have to tell them all off!

How do reindeers fly?

I have a magic purse which has very special magic dust in it.  Every Christmas before it’s time to deliver presents, I sprinkle my reindeer with the magic dust.  I can also use the same magic dust to sprinkle on rooftops.  Some rooftops don’t have a chimney you see, so I sprinkle my magic dust and a big hole opens up for me to climb in through.

What do you do for the rest of the year?

Supervise those pesky elves!  They really do get you to mischief and that keeps me very busy.

What do you wear swimming?

Red shorts, which have big white spots on them.  And I have a big white tummy that sticks out over the top.

What’s your favourite part of Christmas?

The smiles on all the little boys and girls faces when they open their presents, and its also a nice time for families to be together.

How many presents do you deliver each year?

2 billion, 4 million and three hundred and sixty two thousand.

What’s your favourite thing about Adelaide?

There is also so much to do in Adelaide for the children! But mostly my favourite thing about Adelaide is that the people are so kind, they look out for one another.

To get a glimpse of the big man himself, and for all your Christmas Shopping needs, Santa recommends visiting Westfield Shopping Town

Photography by Steven Jones

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