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“The Shiraz Bus” is McLaren Vale’s epic new wine tour

If you love red wine, pizza and being chauffered around McLaren Vale, this tour might be just the ticket.

Photos: The Shiraz Bus

Red wines lovers, rejoice. It’s time for fruit of the vine and unlimited wine.

We may have lost some of our wine festivals thanks to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up all of our wine festivities.

Cue The Shiraz Bus, a mini wine festival on wheels.

Guests of the upcoming wine bus experience will have a bus driver deliver them straight to the three McLaren Vale wineries on the agenda, and everyone will get home in one safe, albeit likely not sober, piece.

And as well as your free tipples, guests will get the chance to learn all about the region, the wine and the people who make it all a fun destination.

It’s basically a chauffeur-driven ticket to a much-needed party and endless shiraz! The wine bus experience has numerous upcoming dates, with the wheels on this bus going round and round McLaren Vale, an area renowned for its premium wines––especially reds––and particularly, shiraz, on each of them.

Participating wineries include Paxton Wines, Simon Hackett Winery, and the Woodstock Winery.

Paxton is a family-owned, fully certified organic and biodynamic wine company with more than 30 years’ experience nurturing their own vineyards in the Vale. There will be a glass of shiraz waiting for you at the cellar door.

Next stop is Simon Hackett Winery and another glass of shiraz. In fact, there’s free shiraz the whole time you’re there as well as “bottomless” pizza from Elektrika Pizza. The wines here are rich, bold and innovative … much like the winemaker Simon Hackett, who will be on hand to explain all things wine making.

The last stop is Woodstock Winery … and another glass of shiraz. Woodstock wines are “soft and approachable” but with structure to age with cellaring. What a lovely way to end the day. (You’ll have to come back for the Wildlife Feeding at 11.30am.)​

The finer details: The bus leaves from The Cumberland Arms Hotel at 10.30am.

Snacks are allowed on the bus, but there’s no drinking on board.​ (You will appreciate the alcohol break … and so will the driver.)

If you prefer white wine, they’ll sort you out with riesling or sauvignon blanc at Simon Hackett Winery instead of shiraz.

​Tickets cost $140. Book here.

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