Adelaide Fringe

The Six Sided Man – Adelaide Fringe 2011

Presented by the Centre for International Theatre
Reviewed Saturday 19th February 2011

Venue: Main Theatre, Higher Ground, Light Square, Adelaide
Season: 9:45pm to 13 March 2011, no performance 28th Feb.
Duration: 90mins
Tickets: all tickets $23/group 6+ $20

This production was adapted from the 1971 cult novel, The Dice Man, written by George Cockcroft under the pen name Luke Rhinehart. This physical theatre piece was originally devised by Gavin Robertson and Andrew Dawson in 1986, with Robertson playing The Psychiatrist. This time around he plays The Man, with Nicholas Collett taking the role of The Psychiatrist.

This black comedy finds a psychiatrist using a six-sided die to make major decisions. He has two rule: never give the die an option you are not prepared to follow, and never disobey the die. By a spurious string of logic he even claims that by obeying the die you are obeying God; the die is God. He is quickly dubbed The Six Sided Man by the media.

The play revolves around his interaction with a patient and his imposition of his decision making method onto him. There are, of course, consequences to every action and that enables these two very clever performers to touch on a wide range of issues. Ethics, morality, indeterminacy, sell-will and much more is held up to discussion in this thought-provoking gem. There are power struggles and shifts in control as they continually escalate the choices.

There is a vast collective wit at work in this production and these two excellent actors hold the attention of the audience tightly in their grasp as the performance unfolds. This is a fine piece of work from two talented performers and another production that you really should see.

Reviewed by Barry Lenny, Arts Editor, Glam Adelaide.

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