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The Suburban Brew is making its home on Goodwood Road

The Suburban Brew is opening a brewery on Goodwood Road and it’s going to be damn cool.

Images courtesy of The Suburban Brew

Gypsy brewery no longer, The Suburban Brew has found a home.

Burrowed between neighbours, The Paper Moon Collective and Sneaky Pickle on Goodwood Road, The Suburban Brew’s new home will have a quasi-industrial look, and a laid back, relaxed atmosphere.

It’s all about popping over to their place, chatting with the locals, and having a cold one. Their motto, after all, is “love thy neighbour, love thy beer.”

“We want to get people talking again by sharing a beer at our place,” brewer, Tony Dichiera says.

It was back in 2017 when Tony started brewing beer in the shed at the back of his house. He wanted to share his beers with his community, and so The Suburban Brew was established.

Tony has been a gypsy brewer, meaning that he hasn’t had a physical place to call home. Rather, they’ve been using the spare capacities of other breweries around Adelaide. Couch surfing, if you will.

Then, 18 months ago, The Suburban Brew shacked up with Little Bang Brewing Co, and used their facilities and equipment to produce their delicious beer.

Tony considers their move to Goodwood Road the next step in the brewery’s evolution.

“When we were at festivals, or doing tastings, everyone would ask where we are located, so we are excited that we can actually tell them now,” he says.

More details – and a launch date – will be released soon. We can’t wait.

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You will find The Suburban Brew between The Paper Moon Collective and Sneaky Pickle on Goodwood Road, 5034.

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