The Top Ten Ikea Items That Every Home Needs

Get your home all styling and organised with these top ten picks from Ikea…

Ikea. It is a haven for all things home. Sometimes, though, you can go there and get lost in the sheer size of the place, not to mention the epic amount of everything that should just go home with you…

But when you can’t take everything home, there are definitely a few Ikea products that you should make sure you have on your list. We hit up our resident home styling/decorating/shopping/organising expert, Sarah Shanahan to find out more….

Keeping it organised, stylish and timeless, the top ten Ikea must haves are:

1. The ‘Pokal’ clear glass. Such an iconic style that never dates. Super strong and only 95c each, you should always grab a couple to add to the collection whenever you head to Ikea.

Ikea 1

2. ‘Regolit’ rice paper shade. Now this is an Ikea classic. A timeless piece that will suit any style until your forever shade comes along! And for only $4.95, why the heck not?!

TIP: Get crafty and cut and paste paper around them to add texture.

Ikea 2

3. ‘Smarasell’ box with lid. These easy to assemble boxes are perfect for storing so many items around the home. Think DVDs, photos, cords, chargers, light bulbs, batteries…. The list goes on! These boxes, at just $2.95, will have you (and your home) sorted in no time.

Ikea 3

4. ‘Proppmatt’ Mini chopping boards. Bring out the food stylist within! These cute little serving trays are perfect for any occasion. Cheese, charcuterie, fruit, you could even use them when styling your home as a base for frames, candles etc. to sit on.

If you have seen them popping up at cafes all over Adelaide, it is no wonder as they come in at just $3.95!

Ikea 4

5.’Gaddis’ natural basket. You will have no excuse not to get organised with these handy (and stylish) baskets. They will work in any room of the house so get creative. Only $7.95 each. The ‘Branas’ basket always a handy addition too at just $14.95.

Ikea 5

6. ‘Hopa’ wooden clothes hanger. One of the most annoying things in life has to be when you run out of coat hangers. Nightmare. Well Ikea has you sorted with their Hopa hangers for just $4.95 for a pack of five. Wardrobe clutter be gone, these bad boys will see your wardrobe clean, sleek and calm. Plus being on the bulkier side, these hangers will just make you want to totally declutter and become a minimalist!

Ikea 6

7. ‘Lamplig’ stainless steel trivet. These gorgeous trivets make any bench space look cool and stylish and they are just so handy! $7.95… Yep, bargain. You won’t regret having one or two of these around the kitchen.

Ikea 7

8. ‘Frosta’ birch stool. $14.95 for a bit of Scandi style right here in Adelaide. Handy to have stacked away for when you have those extra dinner guests. Plus they are perfect for occasional tables or bedside tables. Seriously, just get some.

Ikea 8

9. ‘Knodd’ bin with lid. Great for indoor or outdoor use. Think recycling, toys, fire-wood, footy boots and gumboots. All kept safe from bugs with the lid on top. Love! And love the price of $19.95 even more.

Ikea 9

10. ‘Vago’ easy summer chair. $39.95. Summer is nearly here and you’ll need some stylish outdoor relaxed seating. These hard plastic chairs will be perfect by the pool or under a tree. They are stackable and have a clever hole in the seat for drainage. See, they are perfect for the pool!

Ikea 10

And ta da! With all of those pieces in your home, the organising and style will all become rather effortless. Now excuse us while we go ahead and use our Proppmatt Mini chopping board to put together one epic cheese platter…

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