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The Torrens Pontoon Is Being Reborn As A Late-Night Clubhouse!

Summer always guarantees to bring new and exciting openings, events and experiences – and this summer will be no different! It’s almost time to sit back with a Pimms and soak up that vitamin D.

One of our favourite, relatively new haunts over the last couple of years, has been along the riverbank. This new destination has had its fair share of Fringe precincts, pop up bars, and pontoon activations, all bringing us to one of Adelaide’s most scenic spots.

Well it looks like we’ll be heading there once again with this epic news.

Back in the “Backyard Cricket” version of the pontoon’s life

Once that sun has set and the kidlets have gone to bed, this November we’ll have a reason to wander to the Torrens for a brand new experience. You already know the location, or have at least heard about it. The Pontoon which was erected for the Adelaide Festival a few years back, has yet again been reinvented, this time by some creative lads who have put their heads together and come up with what will be “Archie’s Clubhouse”.

Harrison Raphael and Danny Cooray, who helped bring you Super Cali (and also poured the brews at RCC), saw the potential of the pontoon and have put their heads together to bring new life to the venue. The boys have been best friends since year 9, and are excited to be able to set up a unique venue in a premium location.

We had a chat to Raph, who told us about the layout and design of the clubhouse. “It’s going to be really abstract. So you’ll enter from a normal looking house door, and it will take you down this crazy hallway which leads to different bedrooms and the kitchen, with a cubby house out the back,” says Raph.

Designed by the two boys, the clubhouse will incorporate a fusion of abstract art created by local artists including David Musch, Dave Court, and Dylan Auciello. “The kitchen will act as the bar, and the cubby house will be the DJ booth,” said Raph, “With the dance floor as the backyard, we’ll be able to host about 800 people.”

Now, one of the most important questions… who will be supplying the booze and food?

“Mismatch Brewing will be providing the brews, alongside Alpha Box and Dice wine, and Peter Rabbit will be there with their caravan making espresso martinis. Gang Gang, run by Morgen Wynn and Nina Hadinata, will be the one’s providing food.”

For those who aren’t familiar with the local gals and Gang Gang, they’re an Asian-inspired comfort food pop-up joint, who primarily provide burgers, rice and salad. We love seeing local South Australian talent getting together and creating something beautiful!

The beats will be completely taken care of by Raph’s roommate, Dan Gill, who runs the community station, Ground Floor Radio. He’ll be generating a party environment that everyone can enjoy through underground house music – and don’t forget that a DJ will be present in the cubby house.

Archie’s Clubhouse will be open Thursday to Sunday nights, as well as Wednesday nights operating as an open-air cinema, where you can indulge in an old cult classic. Furthermore, each Sunday night will be dedicated to raising money for a different charity, $1.00 from every drink will go to a chosen organisation.

“I’m really excited for opening night, I think its going to be amazing!” says Raph.

We couldn’t agree more! Best of luck to everyone involved in bringing Archie’s Clubhouse to life. We’ll be there with bells and whistles ready to get down and immerse ourselves in Archie’s life.

Archie’s Clubhouse be will open from November 16 – December 22, 2018.
Riverbank, Elder Park, Adelaide SA 5000.


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