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The Treatment Kim Kardashian Uses To Tone Her Abs Has Arrived In Adelaide

EMSCULPT sets itself apart by stating their non-invasive way of improving body shape, without the risks associated with surgery.


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With Summer just around the corner, my warmer weather gym aspirations have levelled up, with the knowledge that it’s time to roll out my Christmas holiday wardrobe.

Now, while I’ve been pretty dedicated to a life of F45 & pilates this year (5:20am alarms are a hated part of my routine), one thing I just haven’t managed to achieve is abs. Or at least visible ones. So when I heard that Kim Kardashian’s favourite ab toning treatment had finally arrived in Adelaide, I was more than a little curious. 

EMSCULPT has been brought to Adelaide by the fab folks over at Burnside Cosmetic, who have also been firmly on my radar (not least because I’ve just turned forty and am looking to reverse four decades of sun worship). 

EMSCULPT is basically a way to get those abs you’ve always coveted, whilst laying on a treatment bed for around half an hour. By having a few sessions of EMSCULPT, your body is able to work on building your muscles, and toning up your stomach, without having to do 8000 sit ups. It’s cheating, and I’m all about that. 

Now let’s be clear, as someone who’s spent hundreds of hours dedicated to preparing heathy food, working out, and trying to look after myself this year, it’s really a way to finish off my work-in-progress. It’s not like you can use this treatment and have a miracle. If you’re not reasonably healthy and working out, it’s going to take more than this treatment to work wonders on your body, but for those of us who are looking to gain some definition, or slim the ol’ waistline a little, this could be for you.

So what is EMSCULPT you’re wondering? It’s a treatment that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM). This induces muscle contractions in the chosen area which by remodelling the inner structure of muscles resulting in muscle building, tightening, toning and burning fat.

EMSCULPT is an international favourite treatment amongst celebrities including Chrissy Teigan, Kim Kardashian, JLo, Drew Barrymore, Rebel Wilson and many of the Real Housewives, who (like many of us) are time poor and looking for results. Enter Dr Chris Koulos at Burnside Cosmetic, and now us common folk in Adelaide can have the same opportunity to shape up for Summer. 

EMSCULPT sets itself apart by stating their non-invasive way of improving body shape, without the risks associated with surgery.

With the latest technology in body contouring it’s not just about destroying stubborn fat but about building muscle and strengthening the core. 

As I mentioned above, EMSCULPT is best paired with an active and healthy lifestyle, as muscles that have been aided by the treatment can diminish if they go unused. 

Whilst recommended for those looking to achieve a more athletic figure, EMSCULPT can also help mothers who experienced muscle separation associated with pregnancy, particularly if they are experiencing back pain on a daily basis.

This nationally and internationally popular treatment has been positively hailed for time restrained customers as sessions only take 30 minutes and aren’t painful. Just google reviews, and you’ll see that people basically love this. While you don’t get results after the first treatment, it seems by about the 3rd or 4th treatment, most people are having an ‘aha’ moment where they suddenly discover new definition around their stomach, as well as having new strength to achieve yoga poses they never thought possible. 

Whilst I haven’t tried this treatment yet, I know what I’ll be getting myself for Christmas this year … and I do know, from personal experience, that Dr Chris Koulos is bloody fantastic at what he does, so if he’s got this treatment at Burnside Cosmetics, it’s got to be good. Progress has certainly been made in removing the ideals that surround attaining the “perfect” (and generally unachievable) body. Nowadays, the focus is more towards health, exercise and clinic treatments focusing on toning as opposed to extreme weight loss. So, if you’ll excuse me, I have some EMSCULPT sessions to book.

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