The Ultimate Advent Calendar For Protein Loving Gym Junkies

We’ve finally found an advent calendar that won’t destroy your pre-summer work out plan!


Ever wanted to indulge in the festive tradition of advent calendars, but couldn’t justify the extra calories during a season of excessive eating and drinking? Well we may have found the perfect solution, and it works hand-in-hand with your pre-Summer health fitness kick. 

There’s a new guilt free advent calendar on the market, and although it needs to be shipped from England, it’s totally worth it. 

MyProtein has created 2 new advent calendars: the Protein-Fuelled Advent Calendar featuring some of their best-selling bars and snacks, and the High-Protein Advent Calendar featuring 24 high-protein chocolate surprises for a guilt-free advent.

The Protein Bar Advent Calendar boasts a selection of bars and snacks hidden behind 24 mystery windows. Now including THE Carb Crusher, Baked Protein Cookie, Lean Protein Bar and many more. Each sweet surprise is packed with high-quality nutritionals to help you stay on track and fuel your training during the countdown to Christmas.

Next up is the high-protein advent calendar. My personal favourite.

Packed full of hidden high-protein chocolate surprises, this advent calendar is an ideal alternative to help you keep your diet on track whilst enjoying a chocolate treat every day. Crafted with delicious cocoa butter and whey protein isolate, each chocolate coin is free from artificial sweeteners and ingredients, and is suitable for vegetarians, so you can enjoy the countdown to Christmas guilt free. 

Best of all, it’s 40% off on their website at the moment for Black Friday – just use the code FRIDAY40. 

The High-Protein Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar is A$12.99 (minus 40% during the sale)

The Protein-fuelled Advent Calendar is A$98.99 (minus 40% during the sale)

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