Adelaide Company Invents Hangover Cure

Your best mate, Dazza, heads down to the local Maccas and gets you a Big Mac when you’re hungover? That’s nothing, these guys INVENTED YOU A DRINK.

This isn’t a secret, but here at Glam Adelaide, we love ourselves a sneaky drink or two. When the big events of the year like Melbourne Cup come around though, we definitely can’t stop at just two, or even three. Inevitably, we’re always looking for hangover cures, whether it’s an Oxygen Bar that you and four mates can hire for $600 that promises to rejuvenate your body from the effects of alcohol and tiredness, or places like The DripClub that offer IV Vitamin and Mineral Drips to prep you for your big night, we’re alllll over it.

If you’re looking for something a bit less price-y and a bit more… normal, though, we’ve got just the thing you need. To help you get over one of the biggest hangovers of the year, UTONIC is the magic cure you’ve been searching for. It’s a tonic for you that’s scientifically formulated by dietician Dr Emily Walker and invented by a few Aussie blokes who are about to become your new best mates. Your best mate, Dazza, heads down to the local Maccas and gets you a Big Mac when you’re hungover? That’s nothing, these guys INVENTED YOU A DRINK.

To make this extra helpful, we’ve also included our tried and true tips for curing hangovers (and trust us, we’re experts by now), and we’ve had a chat to accredited nutritionist and dietitian Emily Hartley, so there’s also a hint of science involved, and as you know, we’re great at science.

Tip #1: Hydrate, feel great

Every man and his dog can tell you that the top tip to a smooth hangover is hydrating before, during and after your big night out. Science time: this is because alcohol is a diuretic, which in layman’s terms means that it makes you go to the toilet… a lot, which accounts for the extraordinarily long lines in front of every toilet block at any event ever. As you do your business, you’re losing water but you’re not really replacing it at the same rate, because unsurprisingly, an espresso martini doesn’t actually contain much water.

Emily says (and we agree) that you can’t go past good ol’ fashioned water, sipping before, during and after drinking will help cure those nasty headaches that can accompany a hangover. If you’re not a fan of water though, and want something with a bit more oomph, try a Powerade Zero, Hydralite, or Coconut Water (for less calories) to give you that extra kick in the morning. Stick away from more alcohol and anything that acts as a diuretic, like coffee, black tea or cola, as they’ll only dehydrate you further.

Tip: Best not to operate machetes or epic knives when hungover

Tip #2: Skip the greasy goodness

Bad news… you may want to skip that drunken, late night burrito if you don’t want the accompanying nausea the next morning. It may feel like heaven exploding in your alcohol-soaked mouth at the time, but when that hot sauce hits your already-irritated stomach and intestines, the results won’t be pretty.

While we swear cold KFC the morning after a boozy night can cure pretty much anything, apparently it’s better to hit the eggs, bananas, leafy greens, or oats for a great breakfast that won’t leave you feeling like a walking grease-ball, wobbling down the hallway to the fridge while gripping the wall to support your failing body.

Depending what state you’re in, Emily says milk-based products are actually a great recovery snack for both exercise and a hangover as they contain a great balance of quality macro and micro nutrients to help your body recover. Try a fruit-based smoothie, tub of yogurt or even some ricotta on grainy toast with banana and a small drizzle of honey!

The most surprising piece of advice? Eat pickles. Yes, PICKLES! They’re an edible electrolyte. You’re welcome.

Tip #3: Good things come to those who sweat

We’re with you, the absolute last thing we want to do when we can barely stand up (without having to return to our designated spot on the cold bathroom tiles) is exercise, heck, we even struggle with that on a good day. But  it’s actually better for you to get off the couch and out in the crisp air. Whether it’s just a wander down the local beach, or you’re one of those crazy people who can hike Mount Lofty the morning after, anything that gets your legs moving and fresh air in your lungs has our stamp of approval. Blow off the cobwebs so to speak.

Tip #4: Put some prep in your step

The best piece of advice we can give you is ‘by failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail’. Basically, if you don’t gather all your supplies to succeed in the best hangover recovery the world has ever seen, then it’s simply not going to happen. Head to your local supermarket, we suggest Foodland Frewville (it’s not the best supermarket in the world for nothing), and pick up all of your supplies. Think: Berocca, headache tablets, and all of the above-mentioned goodness.

Another way to prepare is to have a great night’s sleep before the event. This ensures your body isn’t already run down before you begin pumping it full of delicious cocktails (and the occasional shot). Upon returning home from your big day/night, Emily suggests drinking a large glass of water.

Tip #5: If all else fails…

Chill out on the couch and order UberEats to be delivered straight to your door. There’s a huge number of great selections on UberEats, ranging from the healthy to the not-so-healthy. Follow our steps (somewhat) and grab the healthy option.

Can’t stomach food? We’ve got the next best thing to order on UberEats (or pick up a bottle at these stockists) that will give you all the vital nutrients and antioxidants you need to get your body back in working order – a bottle of UTONIC. The Repair option is your best choice for getting your body back in working order after a long night of alcohol-induced pain.

A great option not just after drinking, but also after exercise, when you’re feeling flat, when you’re jetlagged, or even if you’re just feeling a bit sick. Packed full of antioxidants from pomegranate and blueberries to reduce oxidative stress, you also have ginger in there to settle the stomach and turmeric for anti-inflammatory function, a bottle of Repair should put you in great shape in time for Thursday morning back at work (or Wednesday morning if you want to torture yourself). It’s been scientifically formulated by and developed by nutritionist Dr Emily Walker to be a tonic for you (hence the name) rather than just another health juice.

Above all, have a great Melbourne Cup! We hope you survive your hangover and, as always, drink responsibly. 

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