The Upside-Down Girl – 2012 Adelaide Fringe


Presented by Anya Anastasia and Bird Wizdom
Reviewed Thursday 8
th March 2012

An ethereal creature with blue and purple hair, delicate features, Grecian white gown and long, fingerless, silver gloves, is draped over a floral trimmed trestle; upside-down.

As she awakens to the music she gracefully arises and moves to the keyboard filling the other half of the stage.

Anya Anastasia has transformed herself into the “imaginary friend” from childhood. In her signature, quiet breathy voice, that conveys her shyness whilst still being confident on stage, Anastasia reminds the grown up audience of their childhood friend.

Working through a series of her own compositions of somewhat dark songs, a re-telling of Romeo and Juliet for example, we are taken into another world that lives inside her mind.

Disrobing to reveal a corseted “killer outfit” Anastasia goes on to share her talents with the ukulele. and has a guest appearance from Bones. Her songs have some clever lyrics and show off her imagination and personality.

The use of headset allows Anastasia to move easily from piano to ukulele and upside down on the trestle, and she draws the audience in with her little expressions. She alludes to other imaginary friends by looking over her shoulder into the wings. The format is relaxed and often appears impromptu. A little of the pace is lost in the last number, however, and a more solid conclusion could help.

A wonderful adventure into the mind and exploration of what has happened to the imaginary friends of childhood when left to their own devices.

Reviewed by Jade Kops, special guest Fringe Critic, Glam Adelaide

Adelaide Fringe – The Upside-Down Girl

Venue: The Crown and Anchor Hotel, 196 Grenfell St, Adelaide
Season: 10pm, Fri 24 Feb, Thur 8 – Sat 10 Mar, 9pm Sun 11 Mar, 6pm Fri 16 & Sat 17 Mar 2012
Tickets: Adults $15, Bank SA Support Act $10, Fringe Benefits $12, Group $12
Duration: 50min
Bookings: Fringetix 1300-FRINGE (1300-374643), their outlets or online

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