The White Dress Runway to showcase bridal elegance this weekend

This October, prepare to be enchanted as the iconic Crowne Plaza transforms into a haven of bridal fashion.

In the world of fashion, the allure of the white dress remains timeless, embodying the epitome of bridal elegance and sophistication.

This October, prepare to be enchanted as the iconic Crowne Plaza transforms into a haven of bridal fashion. Set in the stunning Grand Ballroom, “The White Dress Runway” promises to be a spectacular convergence of style, innovation, and tradition.

On Sunday 15th October, witness a fashion extravaganza like no other, where over 60 bridal styles will grace the runway, showcasing the craftsmanship of top-tier South Australian designers.

From the classic allure of Atelier Milano to the contemporary elegance of Greta Kate and the innovative designs of couture+love+madness, this event is a treasure trove of bridal inspiration.

Navigating the world of bridal fashion can often be a daunting task, but The White Dress event aims to transform this journey into an enjoyable experience. Featuring the diverse and dynamic Finesse Models, the runway will unveil a collection that caters to every bride’s unique vision, be it a dress steeped in tradition or a modern, fashion-forward creation.

Whether you have a clear vision of your dream dress or are starting with a blank canvas, this event serves as the perfect starting point, offering a rich tapestry of styles, traditions, and cultures, all curated to suit varying budgets in the current economic landscape.

The brains behind this spectacular event are Brigette Mitchell & Filip Odzak, the dynamic duo renowned for orchestrating the sensational “The Black Dress” runway spectacle during the SA Fashion Weekend last April.

So, gather your bridal party and secure your seats to witness a bridal fashion event like no other. You can choose from two exclusive showings at 12pm or 1:30pm, with tickets priced at $35 per person, inclusive of a welcoming beverage and a gift bag to commemorate your experience.

The White Dress Runway
: Crowne Plaza, Grand Ballroom, 27 Frome Street, Adelaide
When: Sunday 15 October 2023 12pm & 1:30pm

For more information, and to book tickets, click here.

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