The Wine Pairing You Didn't Know About Is Here

The Wine Pairing You Didn’t Know About Is Here

Wine and cheese, wine and food, we all know about the classic wine pairings, but on 11 April we’ll be shown the beauty of one you probably hadn’t thought of.


Wine and cheese, wine and food, we all know about the classic wine pairings, but here’s one you probably hadn’t thought of – wine & eyeglasses!

Never fear if you’ve not considered pairing your eyewear to (what’s in) your glassware because Design Eyewear are here to help! On Wednesday, 11 April, they’ll be collaborating with designer brand l.a.Eyeworks and our faves at Alpha Box & Dice to create a memorable in-store event: Wine Glasses.

In a unique and ingenious online marketing campaign launching next week, they have carefully paired l.a.Eyeworks frames to selected Alpha Box & Dice wines with stunning photography by Sven Kovac, accompanied by witty captions.

By ways of an example, Rebel Rebel, an Alpha Box & Dice 2016 Montepulciano is sexy, delicious and a little bit rebellious. Well, it turns out that Rebel Rebel would pair well with the l.a.Eyeworks BURBANK: a marvel of minimalist construction, innovation and eloquent geometry. You can try to look away but you just can’t.

The event is the first of its kind and will finally answer the ‘age-old question’ of which eyeglasses would best
suit the wine you are drinking.

Wine Glasses will be held in store on Wednesday, April 11 from 6-8pm at Design Eyewear in Gawler Pl.

Those interested are asked to RSVP to 8223 6665 or [email protected] as there are limited spaces available. Head over here for more info.

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