The World’s Tallest Inflatable Waterslide, The Big Wedgie Is Back

School holidays are well and truly on their way and what better way than to treat the kids (and yourselves) to some epic inflatable fun.

The Big Wedgie is set to return for another year just in time for the school holidays, but this isn’t only for the kiddies, there is something for all ages and thrill-levels!

The Big Wedgie will be located at West Beach Parks for the second year in a row from Sunday 29 September until Sunday 13 October and will be open every single day of the school holidays.

The Big Wedgie is the tallest and most extreme inflatable waterslide in the world, standing at a whopping 18.2m tall and 82m long at a 55-degree slope. This is for those who love an absolute thrill and definitely not for the faint-hearted.

The inflatable waterslide also has four lanes, giving you the chance to zoom down the slope whilst racing your mates to see who can hit the bottom first (and who receives the biggest wedgie).  

The Big Wedgie will also be accompanied by four other family-friendly waterslides, offering exciting fun for all ages.

The Big Chucka is returning for the second time in Adelaide and is for the ultimate thrill seeker. At an 80-degree slope, those brave enough will be plunged into the air flying up to 9m before landing on a giant inflatable Hollywood stunt-man landing pad. Talk about extreme!


Don’t worry, if these seem to extreme for the young ones, there will be three other options for them to enjoy.

The Just Right Wedgie is an alternative of the Big Wedgie and is the perfect ride for kids aged 3 and up. The Little Wedgie is a mini version of the Big Wedgie, while the Little Skidda is an inflatable slip ‘n’ slide, both designed for children aged 3-5.  

So, if you’re not sure on how to entertain the kiddies (and even yourselves) these spring holidays, the Big Wedgie is the perfect activity to get out the house and soak up the spring air.  

Prices range from $15- $45. Tickets are available to purchase here.  

The Big Wedgie will be located at West Beach Parks off of Military Road, West Beach 5024, and will run from 29 September until 13 October.


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