The Worldsend begins with Surviving Sharks

This Saturday night, one of Adelaide’s slickest bands, Surviving Sharks will be rocking the Worldsend Hotel.

photo 2This Saturday night, one of Adelaide’s slickest bands, Surviving Sharks will be rocking the Worldsend Hotel.

Supporting fellow Adelaide band and equally slick Squeaker, the 3-piece grunge-rockers Surviving Sharks will play at Squeaker’s ‘Circle’ single launch.

Sean Kemp (vocals and drums) who has been prominent in the Australian music scene for more than a decade is looking forward to sharing a stage with Squeaker.

“It will be a huge show this Saturday at The Worldsend. They’re a legendary local act. We’ve got tons of respect for them; they are all great musicians and have a killer live show,” he said.

Sean and his brother Drew (vocals and guitar) have been playing music together since they were teens and, along with Josh Biggs (vocals and bass) make up Surviving Sharks.

But the Kemps are no strangers to rock and roll, and Sean says he can never stay away from the music industry for long.

“We had a band that was popular on Triple J 10 years ago and we used to tour and play iconic venues but then we stopped that and got on with our lives. Drew had a 10 year break; I didn’t really stop being a musical whore,” he laughed.

“In 2011 Drew and I started writing music again. We recruited Josh and it just took off from there – the three of us have a unique chemistry. It’s cool. We’re tighter than Joe Hockey’s budget.”

Surviving Sharks have started recording their first full-length album with three different producers and once that is finished, they are keen to tour.

Having already supported and played with huge acts like Ash (UK), Surviving Sharks are making a name for themselves in Adelaide by playing at our best venues and releasing their work to their growing fan base.

“We released and sold out Bleed and See/Sever. Then we released our EP to tell the tale and this year released another EP Traversing Time at pop up venue Arcade Lane with Valkyries, Echo and the Empress and one of my favorite rock acts in Adelaide, Imogen Brave,” Sean said.

Surviving Sharks are playing this Saturday night at The Worldsend on Hindley Street with Squeaker.

Check out the video by Adelaide producer Steve O’Connor for Bleed and See, which has had over 40,000 views.

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