Theatre Review: A Very Kransky Christmas

Using instruments such as a toilet brush, tuba, musical saw and other weird appliances, the sisters celebrate Christmas in their own unique style.

Presented by: The Kransky Sisters, Adelaide Festival Centre and A List Entertainment in association with QPAC
Reviewed:  15 December 2017

We all know strange people. Often we try to avoid them as best as possible. The phrase ‘cross over the other side of the street’ was invented for such peculiar individuals whose eccentric ways may cause alarm. But being different and unusual isn’t without its charms. It’s just a different outlook on life with the quirky world-view often being more interesting than the ‘normal’ one.

No one could accuse the Kransky Sisters of being normal. A trio of odd ladies from the Queensland wilds, their penchant for performing ‘alternative versions’ of popular songs has seen them tour the country with their beatnik hairstyles causing a mild sensation.

Using instruments such as a toilet brush, tuba, musical saw and other weird appliances, the sisters know how to crank out ragged tunes in their own fashion. Mixed with stories of their strange lives, you get A Very Kransky Christmas. Not a spectacular production in the traditional sense, it’s a spectacle of the mind with the visions their tales conjure more colourful than any circus act.

Performing to an enthusiastic audience within the confines of the Dunstan Playhouse, the bizarre siblings had their viewers in raptures. Part of their act is being totally unpredictable, as their odd natures gave an air of ‘anything can happen’. Much usually did with the sort of carry on they couldn’t get away with on their various TV appearances.

From the opening slideshow, featuring snapshots of their travels on the road, to exploring their weird lifestyle, the Kransky Sisters came across as fully formed characters. That’s not an easy thing to do for performers who have to remember to also provide great singing vocals as well. They pulled both off wonderfully with tunes from ABBA, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift and many others receiving the special Kransky twist. Their renditions were almost hypnotic with the musical saw receiving a work-out as they deconstructed the songs to their basest and funniest level. Several traditional Christmas carols were also thrown in with the likes of Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Kransky style – coming across as something Hannibal Lecter would sing before meeting his victims.

Whilst their singing was amazing – almost operatic in tone and very versatile – it was their excellent interaction with the audience that really shone. Two gentlemen found out for themselves how mischievous the ladies could be with cross-dressing and general naughtiness on display. It was all in good fun and the men and audience had a great time joining in the antics. This participation added to the overall festive fun with keys and other items being rattled to add to the musical peculiarity the sisters brought. All three performers clearly enjoyed bringing their show to Adelaide with the costuming and their character’s bizarre natures making a refreshing change from the usual saccharine Christmas cheer.

Coming across as Patsy Biscoe starring in Twin Peaks as directed by John Waters, A Very Kransky Christmas was a joyous ode to defiant eccentricity. If you went into this looking for oddball and weird enjoyment then you definitely would have received it. The singing, audience involvement and hilarious stories were top-notch with this show something many would want to discover under their Christmas tree.

Reviewed by: Patrick Moore

Venue: Dunstan Playhouse
Season: 15 – 16 December 2017
Duration: 1hr 30 mins

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