Theatre Review: Cheaters

Michael Jacobs’ comedy ‘Cheaters’ is about relationships and an examination of commitment and fidelity.

Presented by Galleon Theatre Group
Reviewed 27 October 2016

Simon Lancione and Brittany Daw in "Cheaters"

Simon Lancione and Brittany Daw in “Cheaters”

Michael Jacobs’ comedy about relationships is an interesting diversion for a couple of hours, maybe the examination of commitment and fidelity is not an in-depth study, but it is funny. Brian Godfrey’s cast give fine performances on Kym Clayton’s well-designed set which manages to change smoothly from hotel to home (several homes) with ease.

The cheating husbands, played by Lindsay Dunn and Andrew Clark are different. Howard (Dunn) is bluff, a bit of a bully and self-absorbed. Sam (Clark) is sensitive and a bit downtrodden and cares about everyone. Their wives are very different, Sharyn De Zolt plays Monica a loud demanding woman and Anita Canala is Grace, completely controlled by her bulling husband. The young couple on the brink of marriage, Michelle (Brittany Daw) and Allen (Simon Lancione) are confused and hesitant, a typical state for those who wonder whether to take the next step.

Andrew Clark, Simon Lancione and Sharyn De Zolt in "Cheaters"

Andrew Clark, Simon Lancione and Sharyn De Zolt in “Cheaters”

Dunn puts in his usual strong performance, managing to find the comedy in his character and Clark is just right, managing to be sensitive but not soft; great performances from both. The ladies are equally good, although De Zolt is less convincing when she is drunk. Canala underplays Grace beautifully balancing the roles well. Daw is bright and well cast as Michelle, but needs to work on her enunciation a little. Lancione is the right amount of confused and puts in a good performance.

The play moves at a good pace, maybe a bit slow in the beginning, but the opening night extra interval with guest performers from the Emergency Services was unplanned! Thankfully it was a false alarm, but kudos to the players who took it all n their stride and didn’t stop until told to leave the building, despite the very loud alarm. This was a new diversion for Galleon as I am assured it has never happened before.

This theatre company presents good comedies and this is no exception. A fun night of comedy with a welcoming group, which I think you will agree is well worth a visit.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Venue: Domain Theatre, Marion Cultural Centre
Season: 27 Oct – 5 Nov 2016
Duration: 2 hrs
Tickets: Adult $22, Conc $18,
Bookings:  [email protected]/ or call 0437 609 577 for cabaret seating

Disclaimer: Brian Godfrey is the Arts Editor for Glam Adelaide


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