Theatre Review: CIRCUS – The Show

Roll up, roll up to an hour packed to the brim with family entertainment!


Presented by Showmen Productions
Reviewed 27 September 2021

The team who brought The Greatest Magic Show to the 2021 Adelaide Fringe are back with a brand new show, CIRCUS – The Show. Packed with energy and fun, this show kept kids and adults alike clapping, laughing and cheering for a solid hour.

The curtain rose on a clown sweeping the stage, and his slapstick routine kept the audience in stitches in the ten minutes or so before the show officially started – an excellent choice to avoid the issue of wiggly, impatient kids. The Clown (Simon Wright), serves as stage hand as well as intercepting many of the acts with his ‘help’, much to the delight of the kids and the chagrin of the charismatic Ringmaster (Justin Williams). When The Clown is finally allowed to perform his own act, hilarity ensues in the form of a giant balloon.

The Ringmaster has a few tricks up his sleeve, displaying skills in balancing, juggling, and dad jokes, as well as keeping the show slick and moving for the whole hour. His banter with the Clown is quick-witted and very funny.

Chelsea Angell (who also appeared in Circus Wonderland: A Mermaid’s Tale in the 2021 Adelaide Fringe) displayed her flexibility and strength in a sharp and energetic hula hoop routine and a stunning aerial display with aerial straps. She also appeared as Sam The Magic Man’s assistant in his magic act. Sam’s slick magic tricks included the magical appearance of David Hopperfield, the rabbit, a levitation trick, and a snap costume change!

The Diamond Duo, of Australia’s Got Talent fame, defied gravity with their acrobatic dance routine including lifts, twirls and moves that were all beautifully synchronised. Lyndon Johnson spun around the stage in a display of balance and control in the Cyr Wheel, while Bavo Delbeke put his own spin on basketball twirling, manipulating and juggling in a smartly choreographed routine.

At the end of this action-packed hour, I asked Miss 6 which part was her favourite. Her response? “All of it!” She also wanted to stay and watch it all over again! This is definitely a winner in family entertainment these school holidays.

Reviewed by Kristin Stefanoff
Twitter: @StefanoffK

Season Ended

Rating out of 5: 5

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