Theatre Review: Constellations

A love story with the usual two lovers but a myriad of endings/possibilities


Presented by STARC Productions
Reviewed 31 March 2022

Nick Payne has written a love story with the usual two lovers but a myriad of endings/possibilities. The two characters, Roland and Marianne, tell the story, or each possibility, in short bursts examining how each vector looks, sounds and feels. Director Tony Knight has skilfully used the almost bare stage and the table that separates the two to isolate the characters allowing the mental sparring but no physical exchange. The use of sound to signal the end /beginning of each path keeps the divisions clear.

Roland, a mild-mannered beekeeper, is played with depth and sensitivity by Marc Clements, and Marianne, an animated Physicist, is given emotion and intensity by Stefanie Rossi. This love story spans the dizzy heights of new connection to the agonising pain of imminent loss. The change of expression and tone, the adjustment of body language; all these the players can use to switch from one take to another. The story takes on almost cinematic form and can be confusing whilst the intent is clear. Would life turn out different if we asked a different question or reacted in another way?

This is a good production of a difficult script with exactly the standard of production we have come to expect from STARC Productions. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but the fine acting will make you consider the pivotal nature of our lives and the imperfection of our exchanges with one another.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Venue: Bakehouse Theatre
Season: 31 Mar -9 April 2022
Duration: 70mins
Tickets: $30-38

Bookings: https://bakehousetheatre.com/

Rating out of 5: 5

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