Theatre Review: Escher’s Hands

It’s been a long break, but Galleon are back with their usual fine level of production.

Presented by Galleon Theatre Group
Reviewed 29 April 2021

Maurits Cornelis Escher was famous for his intricate drawings, woodcarvings and lithographs. All mathematically inspired, exploring symmetry, perspective, reflection and infinity presenting seemingly impossible objects and fascinating pieces of art. The audience of this play have a moving representation of an Escher style artwork to consider while they wait for the production to commence.

The set, designed by Brittany Daw, is deceptively simple using bold lines and lights to confine the acting area. The premise is also deceptively simple: two writers involved in a creative exercise to produce a script incorporating their ideas. Things are never that simple. The two writers want to take the scene in different directions and develop different emotions – a tense struggle for control of the piece ensues. As the play evolves, the characters they created take on unintended traits and ultimately take control of the narrative.

Andrew Clark characterises Gary as impatient, frustrated and eager to facilitate the script. Clark brings all his experience to this part and his unique facial expression are well used. Brittany Daw makes Sandy, the other writer, seem forceful and wanting to take charge; resistant to ideas that don’t fit her preformed concept of what the script should be. Daw has a wealth of experience and shows her adaptability in this role. As the characters acting out these scenes, Rose Harvey (Gabriella) and Thomas Filsell (Steve) are constantly changing with whims and disagreements of their creators leading to further confusion. Both master the range of emotions and ideas their characters face.

This is deliberately a difficult play to follow. All four actors give fine performances and director Kym Clayton has done well to keep the plot from dissolving in the confusion. The technical aspects of this production have been well handled by Warren McKenzie (sound design), and with Madeleine Deane and Brittany Daw creating the Video animation.

It’s been a long break, but Galleon are back with their usual fine level of production.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Venue: Domain Theatre Marion
Season: 29- 8 May
Duration: 2.5 hr
Tickets: $23 – $27

Bookings: All Tickets must be prepurchased
You can pay IN PERSON by card at the Domain Box Office between 9.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday
or pay by card by PHONING the Domain Box Office on 8375 6855 between 9.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday
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