Theatre Review: Grease

Grease is still the word and AYT sounded it loud and clear on Saturday night.

Presented by Adelaide Youth Theatre
Reviewed 17 October 2020

Grease is still the word and AYT sounded it loud and clear on Saturday night. The Jive cast were in fine form and kept the stage rocking. Michelle Davy has kept the feel of this musical, based in the fifties, light and fun. Serena Martino-Williams had a good sense of the era and used a live band which was great even if the drummer was a little overenthusiastic at times. Thomas Brodie Phillips gave the big numbers some choreographic punch and the whole thing was a pleasure to watch.

The cast was enthusiastic, and Nathan Stafford was every inch Danny and sang it well, whilst Olivia Giameos’ singing was a little quiet and she came across as awkward rather than reserved. Kristian Latella as Kenickie needed more swagger but generally did well and of course handled Grease Lighting well. Taylor Tran gave Rizzo the sarcasm and vulnerability needed and did a great job of There Are Worse Thing I Could Do. The standout song of the night was Deon Martino-Williams as Roger (aka Rump) singing Mooning!

Jan was perfectly characterised by Hannah Vandervlag and as Frenchy, Lilliana Carletti sang Freddie My Love just right. Cobain Bradley as the self-conscious Doody handled Magic Changes comfortably. Sonny played by Oscar Bridges was cheeky and carried the character well. Carolina Fioravanti made a great Marty with good stage presence.  Whereas Amelia Tyler danced beautifully as Cha Cha but was very ladylike unlike the character. Everybody’s favourite annoying member, Patty, was played with just enough annoyance by Bridget Tran and Mark Stefanoff look-alike Jake Hipkiss was a wonderful Teen Angel. Libby Harding managed to appear much older than her years as Miss Lynch and exuded authority.

All the big numbers were full of energy and the chorus vocals were strong. This was another good AYT production and with restricted audience (due to COVID) it played to smaller audiences than warranted but it is good to be attending theatre again.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Your Twitter: @franeds

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