Theatre Review: Legally Blonde: The Musical

Scotch College’s annual musical for 2018 is the ever popular and fun-filled ‘Legally Blonde’.

Presented by Scotch College
Reviewed 28 July 2018
(UCLA Cast)

Scotch College have yet again put together two excellent casts for their musical. I had the pleasure of seeing the UCLA cast, but I understand the Harvard cast is just as impressive. Directed by Linda Williams this cast showed an understanding of the comedy and an impressive maturity. Musical Director Briony Nickels has given the leads strong backing and produced some lovely harmonies from the ensemble. Nina Richards, the choreographer, should take a bow for the excellent routines that she and her assistant Irena Setchell have produced.

The entire cast is worthy of mention, but due to space I will confine myself to just a few. Above all I must mention Elle, played by Laura Williams, who was stellar in the part. Williams was ably supported by Ris Mosel as Emmett; the pair worked well together with a good understanding of their relationship. Phoenix Starr Hentschke was suitably odious as Callahan and Jack Raftopoulos was a good Warner. Lola Williams made a very amusing Paulette and Harry McGinty made the most of his small macho role in very short shorts with a great sense of rhythm. Sophia Thompson developed her character well as Vivienne, Warner’s new girlfriend and Isabella Mennillo lead an amazing skipping rope fitness routine as Brooke, the defendant. As the man-hating Enid, Regan Holmes presented a characterisation that was nicely balanced. Felix Setchell was a hoot as Carlos, the gay boyfriend of the witness.

The entire ensemble was well drilled and full of enthusiasm and their enjoyment was infectious. Both Craig Williams on sound and Jason Groves on lighting gave this production the sparkle it needed. Brian Budgen’s set design and scenic art helped make this production look good and run smoothly. Full marks also to Lesley-Anne Stevenson for the bright, colourful and era appropriate costumes. There are many other helpers who deserve a mention, but life is too short, suffice it to say that this production deserves your attention, Scotch have done it again – go see it!

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Photo credit: Tim Allan: TA Media

Venue: Fisher Chapel, Scotch College
Season: 27 July-4 Aug 2017
Duration: 2.5 hr
Tickets: $20- $35
Bookings: Kate Crawshaw, ph 8274 4210 or via email


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