Theatre Review: Loot

Presented by Adelaide Repertory Theatre (aka The Rep)
Reviewed 7 April2022

Joe Orton was nothing if not offensive: it was his aim in life. As a result, he wrote a clever, witty, irreverent script ready to lambast anything considered sacred. On opening night this production did not deliver all that it could have. The truth is that in our present uncertain times took their toll, with actors being unavailable for increasing numbers of rehearsals. I discovered that one of the main players joined the cast with less than four weeks to opening and the lion’s share of the lines. Given those difficulties the cast made a brilliant effort.

The set design by Kate Anolak gave Director A J Bartley ample room to manoeuvre a coffin on a carriage and for lifting around a ‘dead’ body while still looking sufficiently like a lounge room. Simon Lancione gave a great portrayal of Inspector Truscott, but so many lines maked perfecting the flow hard work. Dennis and Hal, played by George Jankovic and Matthew Chapman, made a likely pair of inept thieves and Malcolm Walton was convincing as the slow on the uptake grieving spouse. Kyla Booth was in her element as the scheming nurse who is angling for her eighth husband.

The possibilities are all there: more runs and a chance to pick up the timing will make this a good show. Full marks to the Rep for not giving up – COVID has had too many wins in theatre.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Venue: Arts Theatre
Season: 7-23 Apr 2022
Duration: 2.5 hours
Bookings: adelaiderep.com

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