Theatre Review: One Slight Hitch

Disaster strikes for a bride-to-be when her ex-boyfriend shows up on her wedding day in this funny comedy at the Galleon Theatre Group.

OneSlightHitch2Presented by Galleon Theatre Group

Ahh! Weddings – the day of days; the holy of holies! But, unfortunately, disasters can occur, especially if the bride-to-be’s ex-boyfriend arrives upon the scene. This is the premise for Lewis Black’s comedy, One Slight Hitch.

The one slight hitch with the script is that it can’t always decide which road it wants to travel. Although primarily a situation comedy/farce, Black occasionally adds socio-political comments into the mixture; this added spice is not needed (especially the mother of the bride’s huge Act Two monologue). However, it does not stop Kym Clayton’s production for Galleon from being excellent.

Placed on a well-dressed set that makes the small Domain Theatre stage look large and spacious, Clayton presents us with a multitude of well-timed comic moments that just zing along, performed by a sterling and extremely strong ensemble – all with impeccable American accents.

Andrew Clark and Maxine Grubel seem as if they were meant to be married in real life, so perfect are they opposite one another. Both actors have their ‘high’ points in the play: Clark with his drunk scene and Grubel relishing her character’s tranquilizer-induced calmness.

As the three daughters of the piece Molly McCormack is perfect as the soon-to-be bride; Megan Langford is a scream as alcoholic, sex-mad Melanie; and Laura Antoniazzi is a sheer delight as young, effervescent PB.

As ex-boyfriend, Ryan, Jabez Retallick exudes a nice combination of youthful cockiness and rough-edged likability. Luke Budgen is wonderful as the nerdy, ineffectual, intellectual groom-to-be.

One Slight Hitch is yet another in a long line of fine productions presented by the Galleon Theatre Group.

Reviewed by Brian Godfrey
Twitter: @briangods

Venue: Domain Theatre
Season: 23 October – 1 November 2014
Duration: 2 hours including interval


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