Theatre Review: Out of the Ordinary

Theatre Review: Out of the Ordinary


Presented by Accidental Productions
Reviewed 7 Oct 2016

Are you in need of a good laugh? Well, get yourself down to the Bakehouse Theatre and buy a ticket for Out of the Ordinary. It will cure your ills and leave you feeling better about life!

The story is about a girl who just wants to be ordinary, whilst all about her are striving to be extraordinary in their own way; from her has-been rock star dad to her politically motivated protesting boyfriend. The characters are all fun, the sets are simple and the props and costumes are made from cardboard and paper, hand-drawn and coloured.

Alex Vickery Howe has written a fun piece of theatre with lots of laughs, but it does have a couple of serious messages. The attempt to be ‘normal’ is often an expression of the need to be different and sometimes conformity is a bigger demon than difference.

The central character, Theodora (Theo), played with understanding by Steph Clapp  feels everyone is telling her what to do. She is the most ‘normal’ character on stage. Maya Aleksandra plays her alter ego Anesidora (Anni), the uninhibited one, vibrant and slightly mad. Both Maya and Steph have great stage presence.

Jasper, the ex-rock star dad (Brendan Cooney) and Babs, (Josephine Pugh) the cliché ridden, conservative but strong mother, both have great one liners and handle the comedy well. Robbie Greenwell playing Wallace the boyfriend, a wuss but a likeable one, is another who handles the comic timing well. Alec S Hall makes a great sleaze-bag as Chad and he, and Mikayla Lynch and Nomakhosi Mpala fill n the other minor roles well.

With a fresh concept and an enthusiastic cast, Joh Hartog has done a great job of squeezing all of the laughs out of this very comic script – don’t miss it.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Venue: Bakehouse Theatre, Angas St
Season: 6-15 Oct 2016
Duration: 2hr 20mins
Tickets: Adult $30, Conc $25, School Students $18


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