Theatre Review: Queens of the City

‘Queens of the City’ gives us some fine singing and comic ability from three stereotypical queens – the beauty queen, the old queen and the scary queen.



Presented by SimonSez Entertainment

Reviewed 5th June 2015

Nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide… Seated amongst the small but surprisingly enthusiastic audience at the Hopgood Theatre, I was wishing for Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility as the relentless ‘audience participation’ rained down.

While I was happy to escape attention, others lapped it up and the talented improvisation from the hard-working cast of Queens of the City was beautifully adapted to red hatted ladies of a certain age and bald headed retirees and their wives, which made up the bulk of the audience.

Having just completed a country tour with Country Arts SA, ending up in Noarlunga, they had their act down to a tee and had people squirming, giggling and generally having a gay old time within moments of curtain up.

The expected mix of sequins, songs, smiles and smut were all there in bucket-loads, and there were some lip-synching dance numbers, but the pleasant surprise came from some very fine singing and comic ability from the three stereotypical queens – the beauty queen, the old queen (sorry – the slightly passed her use-by-date queen) and the scary queen.

And the support cast was excellent, especially the very funny girl and the fabulous dancing boy. I wish I could supply their names but there was no information provided.

The first act is about the girls splitting up and trying to make it in the real world and the second is when they get the act back together and open their club. Not every sketch is hilarious and there were a few problems with the sound, but who cares. Everyone had a ball. Throw in a few impressions – an excellent Cher, a fabulous Michael Jackson, the obligatory ABBA and you have a happy crowd.

Reviewed by Sue Oldknow


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