Theatre Review: Rumours

What would you do if you showed up for a dinner party only to find the hostess missing and the host upstairs in his bedroom with a bullet hole in his ear.?

Presented by Galleon Theatre Group
Reviewed 26 November 2015

What would you do if you showed up for your best friends 10th Wedding Anniversary dinner at their house only to find that the hostess has mysteriously disappeared, the planned meal is still frozen and defrosting on the kitchen table, and the host is discovered upstairs in his bedroom with a gun in his hand and a bullet hole in his ear.?

The solution to these predicaments is the basis of Neil Simon’s uproariously funny farce, Rumours (the British version, hence the correct spelling). The play is not a farce in the usual mould of scantily clad ladies, double entendres and vicars dropping in unannounced (and divesting themselves of their vestments). Instead it is a hilarious romp involving attempted solutions, confusions, rumours, bad backs, blood noses and bashed-up BMWs.

This reviewer has to admit to a very soft spot for this play, having directed the Adelaide premiere of it for Burnside Players many years ago. Under the always smart and reliable direction of Kym Clayton, Galleon’s current production brought back many fond memories and many, many gales of laughter from me.

RumoursTo have a successful production of this play, it must be fast – which this version is, most of the time – and have a wonderful ensemble cast – which this one has all of the time.

Peter Davies (Ken) is ‘deaf’ingly delightful; Anita Canala (Chris) is delightfully drunk, along with her somewhat clueless cohort, Linda Lawson (Claire); as Len, Andrew Clark is at his bombastic best.

The always lovely Lindy LeCornu is charmingly calamitous as Cookie (who cooks), and fits well with David Lockwood as her husband Ernest, perfectly playing a psychoanalyst. The couples are rounded off nicely by John Koch as pompous politician, Glenn and Leanne Robinson as his wife, Cassie, not so calmly clutching her crystal; and so that the denouement of the play may occur, Andy Winwood and Ashleigh Merriel play puzzled police officers fairly convincingly.

For a riotous night out, listen to all the gossip and rumours of how great this production of Rumours is – they are absolutely TRUE!!

Reviewed by Brian Godfrey
Twitter: @briangods

Disclaimer: Kym Clayton sometimes reviews for the Arts section of Glam Adelaide

Venue: Domain Theatre  Marion Cultural Centre
Season: 10 – 28 November 2015
Duration: 2 hours 30 mins (including interval)
Tickets: $18 – $22
Bookings: phone Galleon (Joy) on 0437 609 577 www.galleon – to pay by card – Go to ONLINE BOOKINGS OR E-MAIL [email protected]

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