Theatre Review: Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks

The Therry Dramatic Society brings Richard Alfieri’s Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks to the Arts Theatre for their latest production.

Presented by Therry Dramatic Society
Reviewed 1 November 2018

The Therry Dramatic Society brings Richard Alfieri’s Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks to the Arts Theatre for their latest production.

The play is a successful Broadway show that has been adapted to the local stage in a well executed production. Under the directship of Pam O’Grady, the play takes us into the growth of an odd couple friendship between a Baptist minister’s wife Lily (Bronwen James) and former Broadway chorus boy Michael (Lindsay Prodea). The play connects the two as Michael is hired to teach Lily how to dance.

Over the course of the play their hidden personal histories slip out through the dialogue and a strong relationship begins to form. The show is loaded with fun banter and wit, which highlight the generational gap between Michael and Lily while still allowing a path for character development and for the connection to grow.

Prodea’s Michael is a charmingly over the top and fearless portrayal. The timing with James’ Lily has a strong dynamic and demonstrates a clear connection between the performers. James maintains the strong southern accent of her character and presents the steadiest character growth from the lonely, former wife of a Minister to a more outgoing yet still vulnerable person.

The acts are split by dance styles, which match the key feel of each set of dialogue. James and Prodea are fantastic together between the different movements and themes they steer their characters through. The modernisation of the script provided solid points for a range of audience to connect with while still upholding the original ideas and underlying commentary found within the original script.

The set for the play is particularly well designed to show a Florida apartment with beach views. There are some elements reminiscient of The Golden Girls, from the furnishings to some of the costumes. The clarity and detail in the set adds levels of depth and when matched with the sound and lighting demonstrate solid experience and control over the moods and arrangements of the play. Even the scene changes, presented by house help (Maxine Grubel), are developed to neatly build and structure the performance.

The Therry Dramatic Society’s Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks is a hiliarious and delightfully performed production that details the issue of aging, loss, and family in an approachable and relatable manner.

Reviewed by Alex Dunkin
Twitter: @AlexDunkin

Venue:  Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide South Australia
Season:  1-10 November 2018
Duration:  2 hours plus interval
Tickets:  $12.00-$27.00
Bookings:  trybooking.com or direct with Therry 8294 7907



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