Theatre Review: Sleeping Beauty

Theatre Review: Sleeping Beauty

Ben Crocker’s The Sleeping Beauty is a well-known tale but this time it’s with a twist, full of fun songs and comedy for all ages to enjoy.


Presented by Tea Tree Players
Reviewed 17 November 2017

You know it’s time for the annual Pantomime from Tea Tree Players when November comes around, and once again they have delivered a fine show that the audience thoroughly enjoyed. Ben Crocker’s The Sleeping Beauty is a well-known tale but this time it’s with a twist, full of fun songs and comedy for all ages to enjoy.

Tina Hall and Robert Andrews have joined forces to direct, and make a great team that ensure the cast is lead the right way. With quite a large cast and a booming 26 children ensemble, it certainly wouldn’t be an easy task! Michaela Arnold and Rhiannon Shapcott are to credit for the choreography, which would have included getting the ‘zombies’ brushed up on the dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  Andrews lighting and sound design is always effective, as is the beautiful set and scenic artwork thanks to Damon Hill and Penny Phillips. Scene transitions were done smoothly as we were kept entertained with cast in front of the main curtain.

Barry Hill lights up the stage as Queen Dorothy, and has the audience in ‘her’ hand, ensuring there is plenty of audience participation, as a good Pantomime should have. Theresa Dolman also does this successfully as the resident villain Carabosse with plenty of boos and hisses from the audience at the right moments. The cast also features a number of young performers shining in larger roles including Kristyn Barnes and Amy Colangeo as the cats Spindleshanks and Kitty. Hannah Doyle and Richard Hobson also share many sweet moments on stage as Princess Aurora and Prince Orlando.

Lachlan Blackwell particularly stood out as young Billy, who’s vibrant and expressive character came to life while interacting with the audience. Rhiannon Shapcott had a similar effect as Fairy Peaceful, who even brought some children from the audience up on stage to teach them how to master the Thriller dance. Blackwell and Shapcott are naturals on stage, and should continue to shine in future roles.

You are always guaranteed to have a fun night out with Tea Tree Players, and this is a night the whole family can enjoy and get involved with! Audience participation makes the experience even more fun; so don’t forget to cheer on the heroes and boo/hiss the bad guys!

Reviewed by Daniel Knowles

Venue: Tea Tree Players Theatre, Tea Tree Gully
Season: 17 November – 2 December 2017
Duration: 120 Minutes (inclusive of 20 Minute interval)
Tickets: $15 for adults, $13 for concession
Bookings: Box Office : 8289 5266 or via Tea Tree Players’ website at


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