Theatre Review: Swan Lake On Ice

The Imperial Ice Stars have brought to Adelaide the story of Swan Lake in a very special way.

Presented by The Imperial Ice Stars
Reviewed 18 July 2018

The Imperial Ice Stars have brought to Adelaide the story of Swan Lake in a very special way. Walking in to a beautiful stage set with a Royal Scene, you forget that you are, in fact, about to see a show set on ice. That is until the Prince and his loyal companion hit the stage and instantly show you what you can expect to see over the next two hours.

Captivating from the word go, this production is of the highest quality with gorgeous costumes and an ensemble of characters – from the mesmerising villain Count Von Rothbart who commands the stage, a love struck jovial Prince Siegfried, an entertaining best friend Benno, the radiant beauty Odile and, of course, the graceful and beautiful Swan-Maiden Odette who catches the Prince’s heart.

The show, however, does not stop at the main characters, with each and every one of the cast members dazzling the audience with their incredible moves; some so amazing and difficult that they are yet to be named by the ice skating/dancing world. From start to finish the show flows effortlessly with facial expressions and audience interaction creating no need for dialogue in this timeless classic.

With a dramatic lead into Interval and an action packed final set, this show contains fantastic effects. This may need to be taken in to consideration if sensitive to flashing lights and lasers (the smell of lighter fluid is also a little strong in the first few rows after interval if you are sensitive to smells).

Captivating, majestic and breathtakingly beautiful to watch, Swan Lake On Ice is a wonderful experience and breathes spectacular life into a story we only usually see portrayed at the ballet.

Reviewed by Tara Forbes-Godfrey

Venue: Adelaide Entertainment Theatre
Season: 18 – 22 July 2018
Tickets: $89 – $109


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