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Theatre Review: Sweet Dreams: Songs By Annie Lennox

Michael Griffiths returns to the Feast Festival after a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe. In his one night only 2015 Feast show

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Reviewed 28 November 2015

Michael Griffiths returns to the Feast Festival after a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe and landing the award for Best Cabaret Adelaide Fringe 2014. In his one night only 2015 Feast show Griffiths takes on the hits of Annie Lennox in the intimate setting of the Nexus Theatre.

For the show Griffiths assumes the persona of music great Annie Lennox to lead us through a short musical and spoken biography of her work. He talks us through the rise and difficulties Lennox experienced in the process of becoming a world renowned performer and song writer. The tale of Lennox and music partner Dave feature prominently in the spoken sections of the show.

The basic structure of the show allows Griffiths to display his musical talents. He presents on stage solo with a keyboard for him to aptly control the pace of the production. He subtly integrates a small candle and matches into the show as an offer of small comical effect.

Griffiths’ greatest talent on offer during the show is his vocals. He is a very talented singer, which was shown during each of the songs. His choice of songs from the expansive Lennox repertoire created an elegant flow in the storyline of the show. This timed in with his vocals were successful in presenting a captivating show following the ebbs and flows of Lennox’s career.

The small amount of audience interaction within the show felt compressed to squeeze it into the tight sixty minute production. It did work well for the overall feel of the show but slightly rushed.

Once the show hit the encore Griffiths dropped the Lennox persona and his own wit took centre stage. His passion for Lennox’s music shone through. His relaxed sass snapped out effortlessly to the delight of the audience.

The show is a one night only performance for the Feast Festival. Griffiths is returning to Adelaide for the Fringe Festival. The Feast Festival ends tomorrow with the annual Picnic in the Park.

Reviewed by Alex Dunkin
Twitter: @AlexDunkin
Venue: Nexus Theatre
Season: one show only
Duration: 60mins
Tickets: $25-$30
Bookings: www.outix.com.au

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