Theatre Review: Sweet Tooth Interactive Horror Experience

Sweet Tooth Perth cast (L-R): James Lette, Elizabeth Willow, Jeremy Hughes

An interactive horror experience where audiences are led through the darkened rooms of Miss Courtney’s sick house of murder, lust and twisted romance.

Presented by Interactive Horror Experience
Reviewed 10 August 2016

Love conquers all so if you love someone set them free. If they come back they’re yours. If they don’t, hunt them down and enslave them.

Writer/Director Emma Humphreys may need therapy if she considers the antics of psychotic Miss Courtney (Elizabeth Willow) to be a good time! Trapped inside the hallowed halls of Miss Courtney’s home, punters are broken into groups to experience this titillating tale of terror in three different ways.

As an interactive experience, the talented cast engage with the audience and lead them through the darkened rooms where they meet and interact with a selection of dysfunctional beings, led by the sensational Jared Gerschwitz as stitched-up manservant Boris.

Like the others, Boris is trapped in Miss Courtney’s lovelorn web of murder, deceit, cannibalism and lust. The “others” include the object of her affection, Mike (James McCluskey-Garcia), and her long-serving leggy bodyguard Kya (Sarika Young).

Unfortunately, Miss Courtney screeches a lot, which quickly gets tiresome. Lower tones are more menacing and effective, and would provide more power to any lines that are then shouted. She has an evil laugh however, and is a deliciously diabolical matriarch.

With obvious inspirations from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Humphreys’ Sweet Tooth nonetheless weaves its own tale with many laughs and the right amount of frights. The action is well-timed and ensures the three groups don’t cross paths until the final scenes. The dim lighting adds to the thrills, as do the costumes and the willingness of the audience to participate as required.

Interactive Horror Experience were last screamed in Adelaide in February with their outdoor experience, Dark Lake. As enjoyable as that was, their winter return is much better. It’s tighter, funnier, freakier and indoors!

While the ticket price is rather steep for an hour-long show, Sweet Tooth proves that love is, indeed, a many spliced up thing.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Venue: Wayville. Venue disclosed to ticket holders
Season: 10-20 August 2016
Duration: 1  hour
Tickets: $35.90 – $39.90
Bookings: Book through the Interactive Horror Experience website

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