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Theatre Review: Thailand Ladyboy Superstars

More than twenty of Thailand’s best ladyboy performers have brought their glam to Adelaide in an exciting, humorous and sexy cabaret performance.

Presented by Ladyboy Cabaret
Reviewed 30 September 2015

More than twenty of Thailand’s best ladyboy performers have brought their glam to Adelaide in an exciting, humorous and sexy cabaret performance that will have audiences dancing in their seats.

ladyboys 1These glamorous showgirls (who are all men) are renowned for their impressive impersonations of famous singers – and they certainly don’t disappoint. Of their extensive range, the most exciting are the impersonations of singing power houses Tina Turner and Beyoncé, which fully capture their memorably energetic performances. Most impersonations are accompanied by complicated choreographed dances, filling the stage with a Vegas-like showgirl dynamism.

Of course the costumes and make up are fabulously over the top with diamantes, feathers, sequins and rhinestones as far as the eye can see. These exotically glamorous outfits are paired with deliciously over-indulgent makeup and topped off with a selection of fabulous wigs. Their crowning glories are a vast array of gloriously divergent headdresses that leave you wondering how they manage to dance around in high heels and skimpy outfits whilst balancing these large, feathered and jewelled masterpieces on their heads.

ladyboys 2The music behind this wonderful cabaret performance ranges from artists and songs more common in Western pop-culture (such as Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Lopez) to songs that derive from their Thai culture. This is also the case with the costumes where traditionally glamorous and skimpy Cabaret outfits are sometimes replaced with elegant, traditional Thai garments that combine with traditional Thai music. These cultural interludes break up the two hours with something slightly different which allows the audience to maintain their interest.

The show contains humour that will have you choking on your delicious and authentic Thai food (prepared by the show’s resident Thai chef).  These wickedly funny moments sometimes include lucky audience members being brought up on stage to get up close and personal with the ladyboys, but are mainly humorous interactions between the ladyboys and comedic choreography of their routines.

These Thailand Ladyboy Superstars provide a great night of cabaret entertainment that will leave you blissfully exhausted by the sheer energy of their performance.

Reviewed by Georgina Smerd
Twitter: @Georgie_xox

Venue: Cabaret Big Top, Bonython Park, Port Road, Adelaide
Season: 30 September – 17 October
Duration: 2 hours
Tickets: $39.00 – $109.00
Bookings: Call 0455 220 111 or


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