Theatre/Dance Review: Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games

Theatre/Dance Review: Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games

Michael Flatley changed the face of Irish dancing forever and now brings the Broadway/West End hit ‘Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games’ to Adelaide.


Presented by Michael Flatley
Reviewed 24 September 2015

In 1994, Michael Flatley left the internationally known Irish band, The Chieftains, and changed the face of Irish dancing forever with his creation, Riverdance. Two years after that, Flatley brought the world Lord Of The Dance. Twenty years down the track and it is still a worldwide phenomenon, touring with its latest Broadway/West End hit incarnation, Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games.

Lord of dance 2The story line is simple: the classic fight between Good and Evil, in this case epitomised by the Lord Of The Dance and the Dark Lord. But who cares about plot when you have the spectacle and grandeur of this production. It is slick, fast, colourful, stunning and full of the mind-numbingly precision-drilled brilliant Irish dancing that Flatley fans know and love.

Lord of dance 3Flatley does not physically appear in this production, although, thanks to the wizardry of modern technology, he does make a couple of quirky cameos. Instead, he has passed his title of Lord Of The Dance to the likes of Morgan Comer. Comer has all the style, flair, talent, and cheekiness of his mentor plus his own individuality.

Jess Judge is beautifully athletic as Little Spirit; Giada Costenaro Cunningham and Eimear Reilly are not only the loveliest, fastest and talented fiddle players around, but can play whilst dancing! Gerard Fahy’s extremely fine musical compositions are made even better when Rachael O’Connor (Erin The Goddess) vocalises some of them.

The whole cast of this production are worthy of the title, Lord (or Lady) Of The Dance.

Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games is, quite simply, one of those productions that makes us go WOW!!

Reviewed by Brian Godfrey
Twitter: @briangods

Venue: Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Season: 23 – 27 September 2015
Duration: 122 minutes (including a 20 min interval)


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