There Is An EOFY Sale On Prancing Pony!

There Is An End Of Financial Year Sale On Beer!

Yep, the crew at Prancing Pony Brewery are clearing palates of beer for the End Of Financial Year, while also gearing up to celebrate the Winter Solstice this weekend.


EOFY is a funny time of year. We feel like we’re saving so much from the sales, but we’re probably spending more money than we usually would. It’s quite the conundrum, best solved by making sure that we’re purchasing essential items and things that we’ll always come back to using.

Like beer.

The crew up at Prancing Pony don’t just offer any beer either. Their extensive range of incredible ales, pilsners and darker brews are the beer equivalent of skittles – a true rainbow of flavour! They’ve got pallets of beer just sitting in their warehouse that they need to get rid of and like all good offers, the more you buy the more you can save. You can mix and match their range, with discounts starting at 15% off, which for beer lovers is quite the steal. They’d rather people drink it than count it, so it’s a true EOFY sale in every sense!

That’s actually not all that Prancing Pony have coming up either, as they will also be commemorating the Winter Solstice this weekend (sure, it’s actually June 21 but who wants to drink on a freezing Tuesday). In the grand traditions of brewery owner Corina, who celebrated the event in Germany with her Swiss Grandmother and Italian Grandfather, the focus will be around the fire pit. Not only will the chef be cooking up some delicious fire cooked and smoky numbers, there will be a ritual ‘burning of the witch’ to cast away the bad spirits and look towards a coming bountiful season of grains and hope with which to brew beer. There will also be marshmallows for the kids to toast as well as live music, so it’s best you make a night of it!

Prancing Pony’s EOFY clearance will run from June 24-30, while their Winter Solstice celebration will be held on Saturday, June 25. Grab a thick coat and make a bee line for 42 Mt Barker Road, Totness (in between Hahndorf and Mt Barker) to stock up and enjoy some delicious food and brews!

For more information on upcoming events, follow the Pony on Facebook or visit their website.

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