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There’s a Frozen Nutella Martini. Cue The Excitement.

The Frozen Nutella Martini marrys chocolate and hazelnut. This glass of utter delight can be found in Bar 345 at Blue Gums Hotel.

Last night, we discovered something incredible. We’re big fans of the novelty cocktail, and this one in particular resulted in anticipatory gasping (from me at least). 

Introducing the Frozen Nutella Martini. Marrying chocolate and hazelnut, this glass of utter delight can be found in Bar 345 at the Blue Gums Hotel. Said bar in said hotel sits near Adelaide’s picturesque foothills and has a bit of a reputation for pushing out some wild and wonderful cocktail flavours (recently on the menu was an Oreo cocktail).

According to the Blue Gums Hotel, the novelty flavours usually hang around on the menu for a few weeks, so given the Frozen Nutella Martini has only just been introduced, there’s plenty of time to head in and give it a taste.

You can find the Blue Gums Hotel and the very appealing Frozen Nutella Martini at 345 Hancock Road 5126 Fairview Park.

You can visit the Blue Gums Hotel website here.

Please drink responsibly.

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