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There’s a lonely alpaca in the Hills that wants you to visit

Mioshi Park and Steve the Awesome Alpaca are missing their beloved visitors!


Images courtesy of Mioshi Park

If you delve into the rolling Adelaide Hills, near Callington you will find Mioshi Park.

Different to nearby counteparts, Mioshi is home to a particularly beloved breed.

That’s right, we’re talking about alpacas, in all of their delightful, goofy, and cuddly glory.

Mioshi doesn’t just have a herd of suri and huacaya gentle and well trained alpacas (which you can hire for you weddings) they also have… Steve.

Not familiar with Steve the Awesome Alpaca? Well, he’s Mioshi’s premier specimen and we have it on good authority that he misses everyone’s visits!

Steve and the alpacas at Mioshi Park are all super gentle, with some of them on their way to becoming therapy alpacas, who will be going to nursing homes, hospitals and wherever people need a bit of alpaca love (which is basically everywhere).

If you’re keen to spend your weekend traipsing with alpacas and maybe let Steve give you a nose kiss, get in touch with Mioshi Park as they’re currently only taking visitors via appointment.

For a family of four visit, they are currently taking donations of $20 which goes towards alpaca rescue missions.

Taking an alpaca for a walk through the park will set you back $50 for a family of four.

Bookings are dependent on weather conditions, so if it starts bucketing down with rain, you may be postponing your visit.

Mioshi Park are also taking alpaca hire bookings for weddings and special events again, more info on that can be found here.

Mioshi Park can be found at in Adelaide Hills just outside of Callington.​ Get in touch by emailing [email protected], or calling Jodie at 0414 974 807.

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